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How to get to Ko Lipe & where to stay: Bundhaya Villas

Ko Lipe is one of those highly underrated islands in Thailand. Mostly because it is still so quiet, some tourists may think that there isn't much to do here. But Ko Lipe was actually one of my favourite holidays to date.

We flew into Langkawi and because it was low season (June/July), we had to take one of the chartered ferries. Bundhaya Villas, the gorgeous villa resort we stayed at for our trip arranged the return tickets for the ferry.

During low season, the timing for the ferry is fixed. There is only one going trip at 9:30AM and it is a little tricky to find the meet up spot!

You will need to enter the jetty area and find a staircase (near the camera/electronics shop) to go up to the first floor to register where they will take your passports (seems dodgy but it really isn't!) and pass you a number.

Once you get onto the ferry (they'll guide you there and through immigration), your passports will be returned to you.

The ferry ride takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on the conditions of the sea. When we went, seas were smooth and it took us 1.5 hours. Once we arrived at Ko Lipe, our ferry came to a stop about 300m away from the shore and we were told we would have to transfer to a smaller boat to get to shore. Our passports were taken by the boat operators and we were told we would get them back once we were on shore.

Thankfully, I was well-prepared, wearing my slippers and shorts. Those passengers who were wearing their jeans and sneakers had to wade in the sea with their inappropriate attire. So be sure to wear slippers and shorts onto the ferry!

Once we got onto the beach, we were given our passports and told to queue up at immigration - which is just a little hut on the beach.

After we got our passports stamped, we were ready to go! But the thing with Ko Lipe is that for first timers, you may not know how to get around. Thankfully, someone from our hotel, Bundhaya Villas, was there to greet us and guide us to the hotel - which happened to just be about 20 feet away from the immigration hut! Super convenient to get to. And since we were travelling pretty light, it was quite easy for us to get to our hotel even if we didn't have any help.

We checked in and this was the stunning view of the resort.

We got to our villa room and it was such a huge room on the ground floor, perfect for us to bring our floaties out to the pool to play with!

The poolside is a lovely place to chill out and enjoy a relaxing day. Service here at Bundhaya Villas is top notch and world class. We were so well taken care of throughout the whole trip and we didn't want to leave the hotel!

Such a gorgeous resort that we were so reluctant to leave -- and we didn't have to! Bundhaya has their own kitchen in-house that serves meals throughout the day if you're too lazy to wander out. We ate mostly breakfast at the hotel, which was super yummy. (Say yes to bacon)

And the best part is that we get to have our breakfast right next to the beach and with such a gorgeous view, too!

If you do feel like stepping out, however, do note that since Ko Lipe is a very small island, there is only one Walking Street, where you will find all the public shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, tour agencies, massage parlours and basically, everything you will need to enjoy an authentic Thai getaway.

If you need to get around the island - like visiting the other beaches, you will have to take a taxi - which looks like this.

It will cost you THB100 per ride but during the low season, when it rains, you will get drenched! This is also the method of transportation that most of the hotels use to transport their guests and luggages around.

Ko Lipe is one of the best holidays we had been on in a long time. The only downside to Ko Lipe, much like the rest of Thailand, is probably the cost of food. You could spend an easy THB200-300 per meal BUT no matter which restaurant you step into, you can be guaranteed an amazing meal.

To book your room at Bundhaya Villas, visit their website here.

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