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Copper, Kuala Lumpur

Recently I was asked what my most memorable dining experience was, and my answer was Copper Restaurant.

What makes a meal memorable is the exciting menu, beautiful presentation, serene atmosphere, and of course delicious food. Copper checked all those boxes!

Copper manages to come up with unique dishes that uses the freshest, seasonable produce and transform it into something amazing.

Even though Copper has been described as a modern European restaurant, you can see the Malaysian influences in the ingredients they use.

The most impressive dish was the first one we were served: The Mangosteen and Cured Salmon Salad.

This dish is not on the menu yet (last we checked), but I am sure that if you asked nicely the chef just may whip this stunning dish up for you!

It is by far the most beautiful and delicious salad I've ever had!

The combination of cured salmon, mangosteen, sliced onion, tomato puree, creamy burrata cheese and herbed oil was so full of flavour that it really excited our palates.

The salmon was perfectly cured, the mangosteen added a slight sweetness and the tomato puree was sweet and tangy. The burratta cheese was creamy and smooth, while the herbed oil was full freshness and flavour, and the slight crunch from the snow peas and cucumber brought the whole dish together nicely.

The Salt Beef and Mushrooms "ala jillo" (RM30) was another delicious dish. I love mushrooms and salt beef, but add in the sour cream and herbed oil, it was a match made in heaven!

At first glance, the salt beef looked like it has a char and might be a bit hard. But it was so soft and tender, it practically melts in your mouth. It was not hard or crusty at all! In fact, it gives the salt beef a slight caramelised flavour and texture.

The mushrooms were double roasted with garlic oil, so it is full of flavour. With its earthiness and garlicky flavour coming through.

The sour cream was the best I've had, it is so light and creamy and it went perfectly with the herbed oil.

The best way to eat the dish is to spread some sour cream with herbed oil to the toast, then pile on a generous amount of mushroom and salt beef! I am salivating just thinking about it!

The Vichyssoise (RM21) was a really unique and hearty soup. It is served warm and the creamy soup is poured into the bowl in front of you, which is always fun to watch!

The soup is smooth and creamy, with a nice balance of flavours. The scallops were perfectly cooked, and the braised leeks were simply delicious.

The truffle oil really comes through, and adds depth of flavour to the dish.

The Red Snapper (not on the menu) was one of the most interesting fish dishes I've eaten, mostly because you're also eating the scales!

The scales are seasoned with a delicious spice rub, then it is painstakingly pushed up then fried till crispy. I was afraid the scales would be too sharp to swallow, but it was very crunchy and pleasant to eat!

The fish itself was also cooked perfectly. It was served with melt-in-your-mouth potatoes and a very interesting vanilla and pumpkin puree that was slight sweet and went beautifully with the dish. The miso yuzu kosho sauce went perfectly with the dish, and was simply delicious.

I cannot tell you how beautiful and delicious Copper's Vanilla Panna Cotta (RM15) was - but I will try. The dessert left me speechless. We had our panna cotta with macerated berries, citrus and marigold petals. The panna cotta was incredibly smooth and silky, it was also creamy and full of lovely vanilla flavour.

It is one of the best panna cottas I've had, and I loved the fruits that it is served with!

The Pira Spiced Pineapple (RM18) is another popular dessert at Copper. It served with earl grey granita, salted pineapple meringue, vanilla espuma and dill.

The pineapple was prepared well, it is not too soft and it is seasoned well with the spices. It goes really well with the vanilla espuma, it was kind of fluffy, creamy and light!

I also loved the meringue, it had a very unique taste. It wasn't too sweet and the slight saltiness goes well with the other components of the dish.

The granita is refreshing and provides a nice cold element to the dish. It melts quickly, so you should definitely start eating the dish as soon as you get it!

We also tried Copper's Mango Mule (RM11) juice that features mango puree, cucumber slices and lime ginger ale. I loved the spiciness and tanginess from the ginger ale.

The cucumber and mango adds a freshness to the drink that was very refreshing. Perfect for a hot day! I would definitely order this yummy drink again.

We were a bit adventurous and also tried the Tropical Heat (RM14) juice that features fresh orange juice, coconut syrup, kaffir lime leaves and chilli padi!

You first taste the creaminess of the coconut, then you taste the fresh orange juice, and only later do you get the fresh kaffir lime leave notes and the slight burn from the chilli. It was a very delicious and interesting drink, I would also order this again.

I came back to Copper again a few days after my review with them to try their Friday roast menu. And I must say, I am a fan! This was what we tried during our second visit there:

Their Roast Beef (RM43), served medium, is so tender and delicious! The gravy is also to die for!

Copper's Artisan (chicken) Sausages (RM33) was also one of the best chicken sausages I've had.

Copper's lunch menu changes every few days, and their Friday menu is a roast menu. The dinner menu is also refreshed every few weeks, based on seasonal produce.

Overall, I loved Copper. The ambiance is modern and fresh, the food is fantastic, and the menu is creative. Best of all, the prices are reasonable! What more can I ask for?

On top of that, Copper also offers customisable menus for special occasions. You just give them a budget and any particular food request and the chef will whip up a storm for you! Of course, this requires advance notice. But I heard wonderful things about their customised menus, perfect for a special occasion!

I really could find no fault with any of the dishes I've tried at Copper! It was one of the best meals I've had in a while, and I will definitely be back for more!

Copper Restaurant

Level 5, Menara Shell, Jalan Tun Sambanthan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours: Monday 11.30am-4.30pm; Tues-Fri 11.30am-4.30pm and 6.30pm-10pm; Saturday 6.30pm-10pm; closed on Sunday

Tel: 03-2856 9522

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