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Modern Society, DC Mall

Damansara Heights has been fast growing as one of the hotspots in KL to hang out in. Growing up in this neighbourhood, we have seen the likes of Decanter and Aliyaa stay on for decades without much competition. But of late, many restaurants, gastrobars and cafes have popped up here, pushing the food scene to greater standards.

When I first heard of Modern Society, I was unsure of what to expect. It seemed like a catchy name and with not much to go by except for its address, I was in for a nice surprise when we went there for dinner one weekday evening.

As you approach the welcoming facade of the place, you cannot imagine how big the inside would be. But we entered the palatial interior of the place and were awed by the high ceilings and stairs leading up to a loft upstairs. The upstairs area is an exclusive lounge for those who come here to drink. It is dimly lit and gives off that mysterious vibe.

We chose to have ourselves seated downstairs in the outdoor seating area (mostly for better lighting). Modern Society at DC Mall is kind of place you would go to with friends, rather than family. It is great to bond over some interesting cocktails. And that is exactly what we did.

We started off our meal with an alcoholic science experiment. We watched as the skilful server carefully set up the elaborate apparatus and whipped up our cocktail. This was our first time trying a hot cocktail and it was quite an interesting experience. The Scientist (RM60) is a good drink for four to share but only if you're going to be drinking a little. It's almost like sitting down at a Chinese restaurant and ordering a pot of tea.

The next drink we had was the Big Breakfast (RM38), which was a cold brew coffee mixed with campari, vermouth and vodka. In all honesty, the cocktails here are standard fare. What we really enjoyed here at Modern Society was the food.

We started off our meal with two soups - a beautiful carrot soup (RM12.90) and a mushroom soup (RM12.90). Both were great appetisers and so smooth and creamy, it was just such a pleasure to consume.

For our next starter, we ordered the Chicken Floss French Fries (RM13.90). This is an absolute must-try when dining at Modern Society. It is highly addictive and comes in a good sharing portion too!

For mains, we went with the Beef Rendang Linguine (RM24.90), which was easily my favourite dish of the night. The beef rendang was prepared beautifully and the creamy pasta paired well with the meat. I could easily devour this whole dish on my own!

We were also piqued by the mention of a foie gras risotto (RM45) and decided to give it a try. i am not a big fan of foie gras, but my dining companions who were, said this was to die for.

I also had never tried a ramen burger, so I jumped at the chance to try it. I did not quite fancy the ramen "buns" but I loved the chicken in the chicken ramen burger (RM26.90).

We also sampled their lamb chop (RM38.90), which I felt was a very generous portion and very much value for money. And it was tasty too!

Finally, for desserts, we tried the panna cotta (RM19.90), a staple dessert. We loved the fresh berries and compote that came with it that made it a very light dessert to end the meal with.

We also had a taste of their chocolate lava cake (RM21.90), which oozed perfectly warm and rich dark chocolate filling.

Overall, our experience here at Modern Society was one that we enjoyed very much and would not mind repeating.

Modern Society Lot L1-10, Level 1, Damansara City Mall,

6 Jalan Damanlela, Pusat Bandar Damansara Open Mon-Sat 11:30AM - 2:30PM, 5PM - 3AM Closed on Sundays

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