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  • Michelle Chew

Zucchini Bros, Dunedin New Zealand

Italian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and we have found another goodie in Dunedin. Zucchini Bros, like all great Italian restaurants, specialise in pizza and pasta.

Our meal today consisted of two pastas, two pizzas and two desserts. We started off the meal with the chicken, mushroom and crème on penne ($19). The dish was smooth, rich and creamy, packed full of flavour. Mouthwatering! If you are into creamy pastas, this is your go-to! But if you prefer your pastas a little less heavy on the cream, I still recommend you order a plate to share with the table just to try a bite. Trust me, it’ll be worth it! The ravioli with tomato sauce ($19.50) was no match for this creamy delight; it easily took the back seat. One thing’s for sure though, the Zucchini Bros know how to cook pasta!

Pizza number one was a chicken, shrimp, pineapple, capsicum and basil pizza ($19.50 regular), and pizza number two was a chef’s special pulled pork pizza with a fruity surprise ($19.50 regular). I really enjoy salty-sweet pairings. love fruit on my pizza and these were no exception.

The chicken pizza reminds me a little bit of a surf and turf, and I must say it does work on a pizza. The bursts of pineapple freshen up your palate so that it is ready for more. The richness of the slow cooked pulled pork is augmented with a sweet jammy pear. An interesting combination on paper, equally interesting and delightful to eat.

Our first dessert was a hot chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, rum raisins and vanilla ice cream ($12.50). Those rum raisins really packed a punch! So for the foodies out there that like a little rum to heat up their night, this is the one for you.

And there is no other way to finish off an Italian night than with Tiramisu ($9.50). How quickly one cleans their plate is often a good indication of how yummy something is, and this slice of Tiramisu disappeared in a blink of an eye. Airy and creamy with hint of coffee, what a way to end the night.

Zucchini Bros

286 Princes Street

The Exchange


Open 4pm until late, closed on Mondays

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