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A taste of Family Kitchen with Sherson

There's something wholesome and warm about being served a homecooked meal.

Perhaps it is because you know that only fresh ingredients are used and no artificial flavourings or preservatives are going into the food. Or maybe you just appreciate the love and effort that goes into making the dish.

Whatever the reason, Malaysian celebrity chef Sherson Lian and his mother Ann Lian's cooking takes you to a happy place. I had the great privilege of sampling some of their cooking last week. Although I didn’t manage to meet them in person, I guess their delicious cooking is the next best thing!

In conjunction with Ramadan, Sherson and Ann prepared a special Malay-style feast to be delivered to my office, and boy was I impressed! They managed to turn common Malay dishes into something extraordinary! Sherson and Ann cook with bold flavours to ensure deliciousness in every bite, it a absolute joy to eat.

The steamed rice alone is so yummy! They managed to turn something as simple as rice into a something full of flavour. The rice was infused with spices and was so fragrant, it really does catapult all the other dishes to awesomeness. The acar that accompanied the rice was crunchy and tangy, complimenting the spicy flavours from the prawns and chicken well. I just wish there was more!

The chilli assam prawns was packed full of flavour. It was one of the tastiest prawn dishes I’ve tasted and the sauce has restraint, careful not to overpower the fresh prawns.

The Indo-styled grilled braised chicken leg reminds me of ayam masak merah. It was cooked perfectly, the chicken was soft and succulent, the sauce generous, and the flavours were bang on! The picture doesn't do the dish justice! Once you take a first bite, you won't be able to stop!

The sago dessert was rich, creamy and full of different textures, it was a joy to eat!

However, by the time I reached dessert I was already feeling very full. So the creaminess made it a bit hard to finish in one sitting (I ate the remaining the next day).

It was a pleasant Asian dessert nonetheless!

Overall, it was a treat to indulge in such delectable homecooking! It is a pity that I can’t eat like this every night!

You can taste the passion and love of strong flavours in Sherson and Ann's cooking, and it is something that I hope to develop in my own cooking.

So if you want some cooking tips or just love to watch people cook up a storm, catch Sherson and Ann's cooking program Family Kitchen With Sherson on Asian Food Channel (AFC).

Season 3 of Family Kitchen With Sherson will premiere on May 25 and will air every Thursday at 9pm on Astro channel 703.

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