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The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: Staycation in JB

JB is a great staycation destination for Singaporeans and as such, even though we drove down from KL, we decided to check out The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen so we could share its beauty with our Singaporean readers. From the outside, the shophouse looks pretty unassuming, with The Replacement Kitchen downstairs serving really great food for both brunch and dinner. As you enter through the door just next to the cafe to climb up the stairs, you know you're in for a treat. We stayed here for two nights and on our first day/night, we got the whole lodge to ourselves. There are two Skylight rooms, which we found to be the cosiest set up for two. Just look at how gorgeous the room is! Very Instagrammable.

Every room is equipped with bath towels, shampoo and shower gel and the basic toiletries you would need. We were also given fresh bottles of water everyday and a couple of glasses.

The other room, Stories, houses a bunk bed for two as well. And since this faces the main road, it can get a little noisy, but it is perfect for friends to share.

If you're looking for something more spacious, then the Loft room will be for you. Split into two levels, the ground floor is a little living room area, which is a great place to chill out and get some reading done. While the upstairs fits two to sleep very comfortably.

But don't expect super high ceilings up here, so it's great for just sleeping. Sleeping here at The Replacement Lodge, by the way, is a very comfortable experience because the mattresses are hotel-standards. Everything is spotless and clean. The only thing light sleepers might not be able to withstand is the morning prayers from the mosque behind the lodge. But if you happen to have had a couple of their awesome cocktails downstairs before heading up, then sounds in the morning probably won't be an issue!

There are 6 rooms in total in this little bed and breakfast place which has been done up so thoughtfully and beautifully. We loved the usage of the natural light and the white against the wood. Every night stay here comes with a complimentary breakfast at the cafe downstairs and this is something we enjoyed immensely as well.

Room rates start from RM141 on AirBnb, a really reasonable price for its great, central location and amenities.

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