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Bombolini da Lena Lu, Perth

Ciao Amici! Just hearing the words Bombolonas, Bombolone or Bombolini could strike out big smiles without even knowing what this is.

Wait till you learn, they are Italian filled fried donuts, dusted with sugar, ordinarily in the size of a ping pong ball. And now, Lena Lu who owns the only Bombolini bar in WA, caters these "little pockets full of goodness" in the size of a regular donut! Now how do you feel?

Here are some of the varieties of fusion Bombolini's created by Lena Lu

In conjunction with the International Donut day in the month of June, Lena Lu gracefully delivered four of their favourite flavours fresh to my doorstep; The Housemade Italian Custard, Lemon Curd, as well as their popular Tim Tam Nutella and wait for it... Smores, Marshmallow, Nutella Crumble donuts. Upon receiving these bombolini's, I spent five whole minutes just staring at these beauties like a kid in a candy store.

I believe anything with Tim Tams and Nutella is an automatic win. So I started my journey by tasting the donut dough without any filling added. I was surprised with how moist and crunchy the bombolini was despite it being very thick and fluffy. With every bite, I tasted something new. Sweet, coco, savoury, nutty. I loved it. I was ready for the next one.

My favourite of the lot. The lovely springy texture of the bombolini, topped with custard and salted caramel was sweet and creamy. The saltiness of the caramel balanced the flavours well. During this moment, I developed a new rule for eating these donuts: No forks or knives, I'm gonna just shove it in my mouth and lick my fingers while in the comfort of my home. This way nothing goes to waste!

Next, I sampled the Lemon Curd series. Very refreshing and not too overpowering. Probably not the best selection if you are having this in a restaurant, as this creamy dessert can get messy, leading some to resort to dainty knife and fork in public.

Nothing too unique and fancy from a regular cream filled donut. In a way it tasted a lot like a pudding, which I loved. I dubbed this the classic flavour. It has my seal of approval.

Finally, I sampled the bombolini from the right bottom. Yes, the one with the long name; Smores, Marshmallow, Nutella Crumble. It was the most attractive looking one of the four. If you appreciate sweet treats, this is your fix. My kid cousin grabbed this immediately when asked which one she wanted to try, and she loved it. For me, it tasted a little bit rich, however I loved the spice from the ginger crumble. The marshmallow somehow worked well with the ensamble. After finishing the last bombolini, I can now preach Lena Lu's tagline that what is in my tummy is "more than a donut".

I made a mental note to order a couple of boxes of 10 bombolini's for $50 before the offers expires at the end of June because I would like to share this divine experience with my friends and family.

You can place your orders at:

Or visit their pop up stores - Information on the website link under the "find us" tab.

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