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Luscious by Lisa T, One Mont Kiara

After the first wave of cupcake shops (think Wondermilk, Twelve Cupcakes), cupcakes had almost become the forgotten dessert/snack (what with options like bingsu, macarons and the like).

But clearly, cupcakes have not totally gone out of fashion. And Luscious by Lisa T in One Mont Kiara is here to ensure it stays in style.

We were greeted by the Chief Eating Office (CEO) Lisa T herself as she welcomed us into her bespoke store. Walking in feels as though you have been transported into a land full of sweet desires.

The moment we entered into the store, we stepped onto a cupcake dance floor illuminated with different colours. Looking up, we saw custom made ice cream and cupcake shaped lights. The dance floor then leads us to a private lounge towards the back of the store with sofas in the form of red lips.

The facade of the place seems far from what a cupcake shop should be but that's the allure of Luscious by Lisa T. Sensual and bombastic cupcake descriptions will blow your mind and you can be sure that the cupcakes are appropriately named to match the personality of each flavour.

We started of with the Harlequin RM 8.50 which was a subtle flavour of almonds and caramel popcorn. How we would describe this cupcake? Sexy, exciting and unpredictable. One moment she's sweet, the next she's salty. You don't know what to expect with Harlequin but with each bite, you cannot help but want more.

Next we moved on to The Scarlet Lady RM 7.50. The red lips on top of the vanilla mango chocolate was a total standout with its bright red colour. She teases and seduces you with her full red lips. Her exotic flavour is ever so enticing and when you least expect it, she fills you with a sudden burst of passion.

Sakura RM 8.50 is quiet and demure. She's never in your face yet once you've tasted her you know she's the real deal. Made with single origin matcha powder from Kyoto, she is sweet yet bitter at the same time, pairing perfectly with our dark chocolate cake.

Meet George RM9.50 He’s your man in every way. Tall, dark, handsome - charming to a fault. He melts on your lips and you’re guaranteed to sigh at his every touch. He’s packed with all the top qualities a person can hope for- high- quality nuts, premium dark chocolate, melt in your mouth cream and never disappoints a lady. George has been made only with premium, fresh ingredients and a very loving heart.

There were a few Mini cakes on the menu, each of them inspired by local icons. We had the pleasure of meeting “Marion” RM18 featured beautifully at the counter top, named after the lovely Marion Caunter. Ever the fashion icon, her long curls cascade softly down her shoulder. She blooms like a beautiful flower both inside and out. Made with apple pecan crunch cake with cinnamon buttercream topped with a striking fuchsia flower, she shimmers and beckons to you.

Apart from cupcakes they do serve up a good Gelato at RM10 per scoop too: The flavours we tried was the earl grey & lavender (left) and Tofu Fa (right). If you are a tofu fa lover then you have make your way down and savour every moment. It is everything a tofu fa would promise at an elevated level.

Cute takeaway boxes, perfect for gifts

Lisa T has pulled of one of the most exciting & revolutionary cupcake stores in KL. Her cupcakes are made from quality ingredients and leaves you craving for more. It is ever so light and fluffy, and the richness of each ingredient will not overpower your palate, which is the beauty of it all. Apart from cupcakes, cakes and gelato they serve up milkshakes, coffee and pies as well.

The store is an extension of her personality and style. We are excited for the black book of desires aka the physical menu to come out soon. To all the ladies, the lounge is a perfect space to book out for a fun afternoon delight after a hard week at work. Do remember to check out some of the men in the store ahemmm, we mean the cupcakes. And for all the men out there you will need permission from Lisa T to turn the lounge into the Moulin Rouge for the night. Come and experience your ultimate cakegasm where crafting out the art of desire for cakes is delightful and fun!

1 Mont Kiara Mall

Lot G-20, 1 Jalan Mont Kiara Shopping Mall,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours 9am-10pm

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