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Egmont St Eatery, Wellington New Zealand

In the heart of a city where good food is part of its culture, Egmont St Eatery has definitely earned its place. Many come here for a casual meal and that was what we were here for too. As I saw the facade of the simple establishment, I loved the straightforward and sleek layout, which felt both sophisticated and inviting.

With a constantly changing menu, Egmont St Eatery is always looking for creative ways to use the best produce of the season. You can enjoy your meals with caffeine or a selection of drinks from the bar.

Today we ordered off the brunch menu, starting with Roast on Toast ($22). Harissa lamb, pickled blueberries and a fried egg, topped with polenta bread. It’s always satisfying to cut into a perfect sunny-side up egg and watch the yolk ooze out. It definitely enriched the already flavoursome lamb and took the dish to a whole new level. Luckily we had a thick slice of bread to soak up all the juices.

The buttermilk fried chicken burger ($20) was however a little disappointing. From the name itself, I was expecting a moist and succulent breast of chicken encased in a golden crust. And although the crust delivered in colour, it was quite salty, and the chicken inside was left a little dry.

Our vegetarian friends on the other hand could not have been left any more impressed! Baked white beans, cornbread, summer bean salad served with a herb emulsion and avocado ($19) was their choice of the day. The herb emulsion I found, was very refreshing, and the dish itself was surprisingly fulfilling. How I would sum it up: a gorgeous garden on a plate.

We ended brunch on a sweet note, as all meals should end. We chose to go with a French toast, lemon curd, blackberry, soft meringue and shortbread ($18). We found ourselves exploring all the different components, all the different flavours and textures, it made the dish very exciting to eat. It looked and tasted amazing! I suppose you could say we saved the best for last, this dish was definitely my favourite for the day!

It’s definitely a place I would recommend, and definitely a place I would return to in the future.

Egmont St Eatery

11 Egmont Street


Opens Monday to Friday at 7am, Saturday at 8am, and Sunday at 9am, until late except Monday and Sunday (closes at 3pm)

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