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PARKROYAL Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet

Back by popular demand, PARKROYAL on Beach Road is once again bringing forth their crab-tastic buffet. From now until the 28th of June, 2017, enjoy a large variety of crab and seafood-based dishes, prepared as both local to international cuisine.

The first dish we tried was the Curry Flavoured Crabmeat Pie Tee. And this was the best way to get the ball rolling in our opinion. Crispy crust, generous amount of crab, great curry flavour, not too spicy and served with a dollop of mayonnaise that combines all those flavours perfectly. And still, you can taste the actual crab underneath all of that. So yums.

Though not a crab dish, the Prawn Mee Soup we tried had an amazing aroma and was enough to get the tastebuds salivating. Unfortunately, the soup was a tad too salty but the firm, fresh prawns more than made up for that.

Right after that was my first ever experience trying a Crab Chawanmushi and perhaps it’s the fact that crab is my favourite kind of meat and therefore my expectations were high, but I was strangely disappointed with this dish. Conceptually a great idea, but the egg absorbed too much of the crab’s flavour, leaving the meat tasting bland and causing the whole dish to lose its essential steamed egg flavour.

Next up, the White Pepper Crab. Definitely a unique dish I have never tasted before, the pepper paired interestingly with the crab, giving it a strong, sharp and spicy profile. Unfortunately due to the fact that I am not too big a fan of extremely peppery dishes, this was not a favourite of mine.

The winners of the entire dinner though, are these two crabs – Cereal Crab and Salted Egg Yolk, and this was made evident by the fact that almost everybody had cleaned every speck of it off their plates. Delicious fried cereal that complimented the soft, firm crab meat superbly. Combined with the creamy, rich and intense salted egg yolk sauce, this other crab dish was to die for. I’m even salivating now as I think about it. These two were the very definition of finger-licking good.

The last two crab dishes we tasted – Petai Crab and Chinese Wine Hua Tiao Crab, were great, but were overshadowed by the previous two. I actually really enjoyed the Petai Crab, once again falling for the intense, deep and spicy flavor the chilli-mixed-petai brought to the table. The Chinese Wine was a little bland in comparison, but the broth itself was delicious.

Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet:

Adult - $68/person; Child - $41/person

9th April - 28th June 2017

Dinner on Sundays to Wednesdays

6:00pm - 10:00pm

PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591 +65 6505 5666

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