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Aman Rimba, Janda Baik: a taste of the local kampung fare

Going away to a secluded private estate in the kampung area of Janda Baik is one thing... Dining in style while still enjoying the best our local Malay fare has to offer is another. Aman Rimba offers the perfect escape from the city and affords you a fully immersive kampung experience (with some frills!).

Staying at Aman Rimba is a wonderful experience, one that we go into detail here. But having all meals catered to your group in this private estate means you don't have to worry about coordinating the food, the clean up or if there will be enough to go around. So when we stayed at Aman Rimba, we left the meal preparations up to the expert hands of En Ashari, the resident manager, and his team of highly skilful (and friendly) staff.

Upon arrival, the first thing En Ashari does is usher us into the dining hall, where we are greeted with a cool refreshing drink and lunch is served shortly after. Aman Rimba allows its guests to check in at 10AM but we arrived just after noon, so we could settle in with a hearty lunch to start our trip off.

The meals are planned beforehand, so before you embark on your exciting weekend away or short staycation, you will be asked for your dietary preferences (if any!).

Our first meal at Aman Rimba, cooked fresh and plated beautifully (buffet style), was a kampung style meal which included white rice, ikan keli chili (fresh catfish cooked with chilli), asam pedas ikan tenggiri (sour and spicy mackerel), ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken), sayur campur (mixed vegetables) and pecal (pictured above - pecal is like a Malay salad with peanut sauce) as well as ikan masin (salted fish) and ulam-ulam (also a salad).

We were served a gorgeous sago dessert as well as freshly cut papayas to end the meal. After which, we all had to take a break and unwind in our respective villas! #foodcoma

But our restful slumber prepared our appetites for our BBQ dinner - which was prepared by En Ashari and crew and served to us buffet style again by 8PM. Dinner was absolutely brilliant - it included all the perfect ingredients for a great BBQ dinner. We had barbecued chicken, sausages, prawns, squid, lamb, seabass, corn and potatoes. We even had a side of salad and aglio olio! Sadly we didn't get to capture the food as it got dark really quickly.

But we managed to capture plenty of shots for our breakfast the next day - which everyone was simply blown away by!

When you think about having breakfast "glamping" style, you don't expect a full array of n dishes served to you buffet style, which would include what is hands down one of the best nasi lemaks any one of us 18 people have tried in the whole of Malaysia!

Many of us had two to three servings minimum just to be sure that we were in fact, tasting nasi lemak and not actual bits of heaven (though this is highly debatable).

I was terribly impressed by the live egg station! This is something you just don't expect out of a stay in the lush forestry of Janda Baik. But there we were, surrounded by the virtually untouched beauty of the Aman Rimba estate and being served eggs that were cooked right there and then (by a skilful chef, nonetheless!).

And if that isn't enough we were further spoilt by the chefs of Aman Rimba with their nasi tomato lunch. Every meal here at Aman Rumba went above and beyond expectations. There is not a single negative thing anyone can say about the experience of staying at Aman Rimba because they are the epitome of what all luxury hotels should stand for - in food standards, in cleanliness, in service and in every imaginable aspect.

But before I continue singing the praises of this place, our nasi tomato lunch set consisted of tomato rice, vegetable dalca, ayam masak merah, daging masak hitam, acar mentah and poppadom.

Should I ever need to, I would not hesitate to be the ambassador to Aman Rimba. I have never before experience such high standards of service for such an affordable price. The amount of food prepared by the chefs and crew is perfect every time - just let them know beforehand how many people are eating and you can be sure they will take care of you to the best of their ability.

Just look how much rice we are all willingly piling onto our plates here! That is a true testament to how good the good is - when girls are willing to carb-load like this!

The only way for you to experience this amazing spread of food is to book your next staycation here at Aman Rimba! The perfect spot for weddings, parties, short getaways with the family or friends or even for a company retreat!

For more information visit Aman Rimba's official website at

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