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Taipan, Superstar Libra Star Cruises Malaysia

The thing about going on cruises is the whole luxurious feel of it. And while not all of us would enjoy having fine dining everyday while on board, it is nice to be offered the option. Onboard the Superstar Libra, there are so many food choices for you to choose from, from casual dining at Blue Lagoon to a classier set up like Taipan.

Taipan is your go-to spot when you're looking to have a big dinner with the family - especially Chinese families, since this is one of the only non-halal restaurants on the ship. You simply can't say no to their crispy suckling pig - one that comes with all the trappings of a good suckling pig, the sweet sauce and the thin popiah wraps.

And something the older folks would love would be the sea cucumber soup that is vaunted to only contain the best and freshest ingredients - to no one's surprise. You are on a ship after all!

Taipan also carries many of the classic Chinese dishes and if you have the privilege of being onboard, then you must try the fish. Again, seafood is so fresh onboard that you will truly feel the whole experience of being on a cruise and out at sea to its fullest potential.

Another highly recommended dish to try is their salad prawns served out of a dragonfruit, making the whole presentation gorgeous but it also ended up being my favourite dish of the night. The sweetness of the dragonfruit has successfully seeped into the batter of the prawn, giving it the perfect yin and yang contrast of sweet and savoury.

Of course, no Chinese meal is complete without a stir fried vegetable with garlic and this dish will surely satisfy any fussy palate.

If you are a fan of fried rice, then you will absolutely fall in love with the fried rice here at Taipan. It is easily one of the best fried rice dishes I have ever tasted, carrying that unmistakable charred wok flavour that is essential to any dai chow restaurant. I cannot say that fried rice is a difficult dish to execute but it is one that can elevate the meal to greater heights if done to perfection and I have to say, I would have requested an encore for the fried rice if I had any space left.

To balance out the heavy meal, Taipan serves a gorgeous fruit platter as dessert, not wanting to cause an overkill. Plus since we typically feast as such over dinner, it is good to have the fruits help with digestion.

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