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Ratbags and Innocent Bystander, Dunedin New Zealand

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander is a joint establishment located in the heart of the Dunedin city. Downstairs, Ratbags has the perfect bar environment, while upstairs, Innocent Bystander is set up as a casual dine-in restaurant. Their famously known meter and half-meter long pizzas is what brought us here today.

We were seated upstairs, where their dining space is easily transformable to accommodate bigger groups of 10-20 individuals. If you fancy braving the Dunedin night, there's a sheltered outdoor seating available too. But tonight, we thought it was best (and wise) to cozy up inside next to the fire.

Although famous for their meter ($50) and half-meter long ($26) pizzas, recommended for 2 – 6 people, smaller pizzas are also available to share between 1 – 2 individuals. All pizzas are served on a thin base with just the right amount of chew and the perfect crust-crunch.

The classic flavours of tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil make the Margherita an all-time favourite. As you pull each slice apart, you'd get the stringy cheese that all great pizzas should.

If you are after something out of the ordinary, we recommend trying the Messicano, a Mexican twist to an Italian classic. The base is covered in bolognese sauce, then topped with jalapenos, sour cream, corn chips,and mozzarella. No pizza is complete without a good helping of cheese, of course! Although different, this pizza was hands down our favourite of the night.

The flavours of India and Italy were blended to create yet another fusion pizza, the Al Tandoori - Tandoori spiced chicken, capsicum, and mozzarella garnished with minty yoghurt. The idea behind this pizza is respectable, but the tandoor flavours were slightly lacking.

Pollo is your classic chicken pizza with added chorizo. Although tasty, it proved to be simplistic compared to some of the other more innovative flavours.

Another unique pizza produced by Ratbags and Innocent Bystander is Patata Dolce. It turned out to be a vegetarian pizza that offered both flavour and texture. Kumara (sweet potato), spinach, caramalised onions, walnuts, cream cheese and aioli made up this pizza. And I am sure vegetarians would appreciate the creative twist that this pizza carries. It is perfect for those that love their sweet and savory flavours together!

Apart from pizza, Ratbags and Innocent Bystander also offers a range of other meal varieties and of course, dessert. The eclectic décor in the venues also makes it suitable for hosting all sorts of different functions.

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander

11 The Octagon,


Open daily from 11am till late

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