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Crab Hut, Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya

The last time we had a seafood feast wasn't too long ago and we went to the Crab Factory in SS2 - the sister outlet to Crab Hut. This time, though, our experience was slightly different because the Crab Hut outlet is halal and located in Cyberjaya.

The layout and design out the two outlets are very similar to each other with clean aesthetics and chalkboard menus. However, the outlet here at Shaftsbury Square is a little dimmer than the Crab Factory, which gives it a nice intimate setting, especially for dinner.

This time round, we got to try a range of mud crabs and of their specialties - the Big Bang Theory.

We started off with some seafood mix with a lemak sauce and my gosh, this is hands down the best sauce ever to pair with seafood. I can't even begin to describe how sinfully good the lemak sauce is with the prawns and potatoes! I made sure to have extra helpings of rice just so I could soak up the lemak sauce with it and savour every drop. If this lemak sauce could be paired with pasta... that would be a dream come true!

We also went with their signature sauce, medium spiciness - which really isn't too spicy at all! So for Malaysians with spicy-loving tastebuds, I'd say go for the highest level of spiciness.

And of course, because we also had the garlic butter on our last visit and loved it, we had to have it again. If there is anything I want to emphasize about this chain of outlets is that they have consistency in quality of their food. Oftentimes when establishments expand, quality is compromised but this is not the case for Crab Hut and Crab Factory.

The most interesting dish of the night was the Big Bang Theory set of seafood. The various types of seafood paired with six homemade sauces was just the perfect way to add on to the seafood madness. Though this set is recommended for 8-10 people, I really believe that even 4 people could easily finish the lot of it if everyone is a pretty big eater like myself.

The whole 4 sets of seafood pictured was just nice for 12 of us and we added on quite a lot of rice and wedges to supplement the meal. I think if you're all big eaters and pretty hungry, you might want to consider ordering more! The seafood here is incredibly fresh and I believe the chefs know exactly how to handle the crustaceans so they're always cooked to just the right texture.

Is it worth coming back here? Every. Single. Time. YES.

Crab Hut

P2-25, Shaftsbury Square,

Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya.

Open daily from 12PM-10PM

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