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You know the vegan trend isn't going anywhere when even juice has tofu in it now

I've seen a number of my friends embrace the vegan lifestyle over the past couple of years and while I am not ready to fully take on that commitment just yet, it is interesting to see how the food and beverage scene has evolved to include vegan options now.

Of course, Juiceworks has always been really vegetarian/vegan friendly, since all the drinks are made out of natural ingredients anyway...

But they're introducing a new line of drinks that incorporate tofu in them. I am a little intrigued to find out what this tastes like! Tofu is incredibly high in protein, iron and calcium. So not only is it friendly to vegans, it is also pretty damn good for your health.

The new smoothie by Juiceworks is called tofu magic and it combines tofu with strawberries, bananas, soy milk, low fat mixed berries yogurt and sorbet. Since it is made with so many ingredients, it can even be used as a meal replacement drink.

The tofu magic will be retailing at RM14.80 for the power size (600ml) and RM13.75 for the MIDI size (450ml).

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