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The Eate On The Spit & Off The Grill, Sydney

For those of you planning your next trip to Sydney, be sure to check out this Mediterranean restaurant right off Dulwich Hill.

For our Muslim friends out there, you'd be glad to know that this family-friendly diner serves halal food!

This was one restaurant in Sydney that I was really glad I had a chance to eat at. I've not eaten much Mediterranean food in my life and this place has definitely set the benchmark for me.

When I got there, I was warmly welcomed by Rosa and her team over at The Eate. It was a Wednesday evening and the place was super busy!

The evening started off with some Get Loaded wedges ($11.50). Thick and crisply potato wedges topped with a generous amount of mint yogurt, herbs and pulled lamb.

Next we had some taramasalata ($6.50). This is my first time having this dish and it turns out that the creamy meze is made from salted and cured roe with olive oil and lemon juice. This is then usually eaten with some potatoes or bread. The pita bread served with this the taramasalata was just the perfect appetiser.

We were served a plate of the seasons forgotten vegetables ($6.50), which are pickled mixed vegetables. A little sourish but quite a refreshing appetiser.

My favourite appetiser of the night was the pan-fried Halloumi ($9). Thick slices of cheese pan fried and served with thyme, honey and a drizzle of lemon juice. I could not have enough of this! The perfect sweet-savoury combination to start the night!

The first main course that came totally blew my mind (and my taste buds)! 200g of lamb shoulder right off the spit ($17.50). Tender and succulent shredded lamb slow cooked over charcoal served with yogurt and a herb infused dressing on the side.

We had fried cauliflower ($8) on the side and for those of you who aren't big fans of cauliflowers like me, this is a total game changer! I found myself eating almost half the bowl of this delicious and healthy side!

We also had a side of super food salad ($8). This dish isn't on the menu, but it's displayed by the counter. So if you'd like to order it, just let the friendly waiters know. This bowl of salad is packed with broccoli, lentils, kale and onions, drizzled with a sweet pomegranate dressing. I personally found the lentils a little hard to chew on after a few bites, but maybe that's cause I'm not that much of a health food eater. I really did enjoy the dressing though!

That's not all folks! We still had two of Eate's best burgers. First was the Angus + Hombre (S12). This spicy burger comes with a juicy Angus beef patty, jalapeno peppers, double cheese, chipotle, onion rings, lettuce and tomatoes.

The other burger was the Eate Co. burger ($14). A thick Angus beef patty with crisp pastrami, cheese, lettuce, pickles, aioli and tomato relish. I personally prefer this one compared to the Angus + Hombre just because this isn't spicy.

Finally, we go into the desserts! Be sure to check out the counter for some of their daily desserts that are not displayed in the menu.

We had the dulce de leche with pistachio cheesecake ($9) that comes in a cute little jar. This would definitely be a treat for those of you with a sweet tooth. Although being a dessert person myself, I did find this a tad bit too sweet for my liking.

Chocolate lovers, you are not forgotten! The Nutella cheesecake ($9) was ah-mazing. I love Nutella and this made my night.

Last but not least, the finale that put a huge smile to my face was the churros with rich chocolate fudge sauce ($8). I've had lots of churros in Singapore but this was by far the best I've ever had. Just the right crunch on the inside and still a little soft in the inside with cinnamon sugar generously coated around it. This got my super thumbs-up!

The Eate On the Spit & Off The Grill

555 New Canterbury Rd,

Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, Australia

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday & Sunday: 7AM-9.30PM Friday - Saturday: 7AM - 10PM

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