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Hoppers KL, Jalan Pudu

If you love appam (a.k.a hoppers), then you're going to love this new cafe along Jalan Pudu!

All of Hoppers food is, well, served in hoppers! Genius! I mean, who doesn't like hoppers. It's crunchy along the edges, and soft in the middle, and it's shape makes it a perfect substitute for a bowl!

Hoppers certainly lives up to its name, their variety of hoppers did not disappoint. The savoury hopper is not too sour and it is made to order, so it is nice and fresh when it reaches the table.

Our favourite dish was the Peppered Goat (RM17), which was tender and well-seasoned. It also went perfectly with the yoghurt, which added a creaminess to the dish. The coriander, pomegranate seeds and pickled garlic garnish also elevated the delicious dish!

The Cauliflower Fritters (RM13) was so delicious and incredibly addictive. We loved the spices in the batter, and the cashew nut and deep fried garlic is the perfect pairing to the tasty cauliflowers. This dish is not a main meal, but it is the perfect snack or side dish, I highly recommend it!

Hoppers take on nasi lemak was a good effort with their Slow Roasted Chicken Rendang (RM13). The rendang was delicious, and its meat soft and tender, the rendang sauce was also rich in flavour.

But what was lacking was the spiciness from the sambal. The sambal was a little too mild for me, and was a bit sweet. However, if you do not like spicy food and is a fan of the sweeter sambals, this is a cracking dish!

You'd be happy to know that you can add on a bowl of coconut rice for RM6, if you fancy some rice with your rendang.

The Prawns in Butter Sauce (RM15) was cooked perfectly, and we loved the sauce. The slight spice from the chilli, garlic and the curry leaves added great flavour to the dish. The dish was served in an egg hopper, which we absolutely loved!

The sweet hoppers were just as mouth-watering as the savoury ones!

We loved the Gula Melaka Hopper (RM8) that is served with dedicated coconut that is poached in coconut milk. It is a simple sweet hopper, but it was our favourite. It wasn't too sweet and it didn't have too much santan, it was perfect!

The Milo Ganache Hopper (RM11) is certainly the most unique dish we tried. We loved the Milo ganache, it was smooth and silky, and everything I expected it to be. But the horlicks condensed milk made it a bit too sweet, but it was still a delicious dish!

The Kaya Hopper is another classic Malaysian flavour, which translated well in hopper-form. I loved the kaya, which was smooth and creamy, but the butter bread slices made the dish very rich. I would have liked it better without the buttered toast.

The Teh Tarik ice cream (RM12 for one scoop) was delicious, but I would have like a stronger taste of the tea.

We also tried one cocktail, the Mrs Lim (RM35), that featured toasted sesame rum, tea, apricot shrub and kalamansi. I liked the florally and sesame taste, it was a pleasant cocktail to sip on through the evening.

I absolutely loved the idea of incorporating hoppers in all the dishes, it is also one of the better ones I've had too! The food was delicious and reasonably priced too.

I would recommend the restaurant just for the unique experience of having all your food served in hoppers. It was definitely an enjoyable eating experience!

Hoppers KL

Address: 76, Jalan Pudu, City Centre, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-2022 0832

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 9pm

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