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Buckingham English Fruit Cake, Tuck Singapore

The first time I tried a fruit cake, it was cloyingly sweet and as a kid, obviously, I loved it. Anything sweet meant that mummy was giving me a treat.

Christmas soon became one of my favourite times of the year (with my birthday and Chinese New Year being the other two).

Christmas meant I could indulge in plenty of chocolates, cakes and of course, gifts under the tree.

Buckingham English Fruit Cake with Whisky

There is just something magical about the holiday season - almost as though there is something in the air that makes the whole month of December like I am living in a fantasy-land.

Despite not being in a country with snow and actual pine trees to adorn with ornaments, there's still an allure in the plastic trees and colourful baubles and the whole idea of being able to spend it with family. Malls light up with twinkly lights and the shops are stocked full of things that bring the classic Christmas joy.

This year, as tradition commands, I started the indulgence as December rolled around. Walking past the shops full of Christmas spirit, it is hard not to join in the festivities.

Instead of the 12 days before Christmas, I like to take it one step further by celebrating all month long. And this year, I started off with a fruit cake. But as an adult, I've added another requirement in my list of what makes a fruit cake worth my while - its alcohol content!

So when I got a tin of Buckingham English Fruit Cake with Whisky, needless to say, I was incredibly happy.

My first bite into the moist cake, I was hooked! Hailing straight from the UK (where it is recognised as an official cake for the royals), the Buckingham English fruit cake comes in a beautiful tin that is perfect for gifts.

The fruit cakes come in two sizes - 300gms ($22) and 700gms ($35). Personally, 300gms is a perfect size if you're not willing to share. But if you've got greedy siblings or family members that you want to share the goodness with, then I'd suggest going for the 700gms.

The Buckingham English fruit cakes also come in non-whisky options at $20 for 300gms and $32 for 700gms.

Buckingham English Fruit Tart with Whisky 300gms

If you're going to be sharing this with kids, then the whisky option might be a little strong. Each morsel packs an alcoholic punch and is generously drenched in the spirit.

Possibly one of my favourite things about this particular brand of fruit cake is that it isn't too sweet either. As I've grown up and my taste buds matured, I tend to prefer having cakes that are not overly sweet so I can enjoy the various layers of flavours in the dessert.

As I enjoy a slice of this fruit cake, I get to taste the lovely moisture of the cake, coupled with the natural sweetness from the raisins as well as the sharp acidity of the whisky.

If it's one fruit cake that I would choose to have all Christmas long this year, it would be this one.

Tuck Singapore is the sole distributor for these gorgeous fruit cakes and you can buy them online here, saving you the hassle of heading out to buy Christmas presents!

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