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Mie Prefecture Fair, Japan Food Town

Japan Food Town is always takes the spotlight whenever we think of fresh seafood and meat produce from the land of the rising sun, ever since its launch in Singapore.

Rang Mang Somen Set ($13) @ Rang Mang Shokudo (#04-54)

From 1 to 7 December, Japan Food Town will be running its Mie Perfecture Fair. This event's signature highlight will Mie's famous produce such as the award-winning Matsusaka wagyu beef, Ise-ebi lobsters (Japanese spiny lobsters or king lobsters), and freshly exported oysters. The prices for the Mie Prefecture menus ranges from $9.80 to $280.

Touching on a little history about the Mie prefecture. Located in central Japan, Mie is known for their sceneries, beautiful fall foliage, and the abundance of mountains and deep blue oceans. Mie is also famous for their seafood, and a breeding ground for the Matsusaka cattle.

Matsusaka Beef x Kobe Beef Twin Plate (from $45.90) @ Yakiniku Heijoen (#04-47)

During the event, 13 restaurants within the Japan Food Town located in Wisma Atria will be participating in the fair, serving exclusive dishes for the patrons using Mie produce. Here are some restaurants that you may fancy:

1. Bonta Bonta Surprise your loved one at Bonta Bonta (#04-39), which will be serving an Ise-Ebi Premium Gozen ($130 for 2 people). Ise-Ebi lobster is known for its brilliantly bright red body, splendid beard, and the plump clear white flesh. You know you will be in for a treat when you bite into the lobster meat, giving you the firmness in texture, bursting with sweet juices.

2. Tempura Tsukiji Tenka

Forget about calorie-counting, because Tempura Tsukiji Tenka (#04-42) will be offering a Mie Oyster Tempura Teishoku Set and sauce made by wise-mikan from Mie ($29.80). Oysters in Tempura style is something you can't miss. Sink your teeth into the freshest oyster coated in a gorgeous tempura batter and deep fried to perfection. The sauce add on the side adds an extra density to the lightness of the tempura, but complements it beautifully.

3. Shabu Shabu Tajimaya

Attention to all beef lovers, Shabu Shabu Tajimaya (#04-41) will be serving an all-you-can-eat buffet for the Matsusaka Beef Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki (from $50.90 per person). This is a definite must-try as the beef exported from Mie is a top quality A4 grade Matsusaka beef, produced from the ’special grade Matsusaka cattle’. Japan Food Town is currently the exclusive importer for the beef. This is one of those things you cannot miss no matter what!

Mark your calendars foodies and head to Japan Food Town this December!

Wisma Atria Shopping Centre


Opening Hours:

Weekdays 1130am to 11pm

Weekends 11am to 11pm

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