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KL Better Beer Festival 2016

The Better Beer Festival is back again for its 5th installation in Publika. Taking over the White Box area as well as the Square, the Better Beer Festival featured some of the best local food, brought to us by Tiffin and of course, craft beers from all around the world.

The event was well-organised with special talks and workshops being conducted throughout the day indoors - while you sip on cold brews. I only made it on the second day of the event and found myself among a group of beer enthusiasts.

It was truly an event with no gimmicks, no slogans, simply just better beer! And indeed, better beer was what everyone was there for.

There were beers from as far as Scotland and as near as our neighbouring little red dot, Singapore. It is really nice to see that the craft beer scene is evolving in the region. (I always go around promoting LeVeL33, my favourite brewery in Singapore.)

We ended up trying a couple of beers - one from Hitachino, a Japanese craft brand, made with red rice. And also a Scottish milk chocolate stout - to die for. I am not a stout kinda gal, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Since it was around lunchtime that we decided to go and grab ourselves some beers, we had to have some food too. We saw Fierce curry house (or rather, we smelled it first) and started drooling because the briyani smelled so enticing. So of course, we had to grab a box of mutton briyani.

There was an interestingly named stall called Balls & Bowls, and while we managed to photograph their char siew balls, we only sunk our teeth into their chicken karaage, which was absolutely heavenly.

Bakarlah BBQ was also present at the event, their grilled meats filling the Publika air with temptation. Unfortunately, we were already too stuffed by this point to eat some more.

Overall, the event was great. We sat beneath the colourful umbrellas at the Square, listened to great live music and enjoyed the good food and better beer. We can't wait for the event next year!

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