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Woogo Smoothies, Paradigm Mall

With the opening of their third outlet within a month, Woogo Smoothies is the latest addition to the Malaysian juice/smoothie business. And we must say, we were pretty impressed with their flavour offerings!

Woogo has outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Wisma Central. But for their recent opening in Paradigm Mall, Woogo invited the team over to sample their range of smoothies and juices.

The brand hails from Taiwan and is a play on the Chinese words 五哥 (wu ge), which translates to five brothers in English.

We loved almost all of Woogo’s smoothie flavours that we tasted, and there are many more that we would like to try.

The consistency of the drinks is just right – there have been times elsewhere in which the smoothies were made too icy, which made it hard to drink halfway through the smoothie.

But Woogo puts in just the right amount of ice, fruit, yoghurt, juice and sorbet.

All their fruits are fresh, their yoghurt and sorbet are house-made, plus there is no added sugar or water.

My personal favourite was Woogo’s P.B.J Sandwich (Medium RM10.90; Large RM11.90) that tasted exactly like peanut butter and jelly! I wasn’t sure what to expect with PBJ in smoothie form, but the flavours were balanced perfectly and the smoothie was not too thick.

The smoothie combines cranberry juice, strawberry sorbet, yoghurt sorbet, low-fat yogurt, strawberry and peanut butter – it was heavenly!

A close second favourite of mine was the Raspberry Mojito (Medium RM12.90; Large RM13.90), which is another unique Woogo flavour. It combines cranberry juice, lemon juice, mixed berry sorbet, yoghurt sorbet, low-fat yoghurt, raspberry and mint leaves.

I loved the prominent flavour of the raspberry and yoghurt, with the minty aftertaste. It was well-balanced and the raspberries tasted fresh. However, if you are not a fan of minty drinks, this may not be the smoothie for you.

Apple Khabar (Medium RM8.90; Large RM9.90) was one of my favourites. I have never tried an apple smoothie before, so the flavour was really unique. Props to them for coming up with such a punny name too!

I loved the apple yoghurty flavour that kind of reminds me of apple flavoured Vitagen but so much better! This smoothie features apple juice, strawberry sorbet, yoghurt sorbet, low-fat yoghurt and apple.

Mango United (Medium RM10.50; Large RM11.50) blends mango juice, mango sorbet, yoghurt sorbet, low-fat yoghurt and mango. I love mango, so naturally, I loved this smoothie and couldn’t get enough of it! It was creamy with a good balance of yoghurt and mango.

Berry Puff Girl (Medium RM11.90; Large RM12.90) gives a big hit of berry goodness! It features cranberry juice, mixed berry sorbet, yoghurt sorbet, low-fat yoghurt, blueberry and strawberry, and you really get a beautiful mix of berries. Unlike some of the berry smoothies I had that taste very much like berry sorbet rather than fresh berries, I can actually taste the fresh fruit.

Choconana (Medium RM10.90; Large RM11.90) is a smoothie I would order if I am craving chocolate after a rigorous workout. It is a guilt-free option for those who want a hit of cocoa without all the unhealthy calories you get from desserts. This smoothie combines milk, milk sorbet, banana, low-fat yoghurt and cocoa – delicious!

The O.G. (Medium RM9.50, Large RM10.50) is the bestseller in its home country of Taiwan. The smoothie combines orange juice, strawberry sorbet, low-fat yoghurt, banana and strawberry. It was a yummy drink that I would order again!

Woogo also serves warm juices which was something I have never tried before. I tried their Orangutan Mix (RM5.90 hot or cold) that blends orange juice and bananas. I am not too sure if I like my juice warm, I do prefer their cold smoothies! But perhaps this will be my drink of choice if I’m feeling under the weather.

Overall, I feel that Woogo charges slightly more expensive prices but it is well worth it! I like how their drinks are not too icy, and I love their generous serving of fresh fruits in the smoothie. Their flavours are really fun and unique too!

So if you are ever in the area, do check out this new smoothie joint!

Woogo California Smoothies

Paradigm Mall, Second Floor, 2F-17

Open from 10am-10pm daily.

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