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The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen, Jalan Dhoby JB

JB's cafe scene has truly flourished in recent years and places like The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen with its clean, minimalist interior and great brunch food have added a flair to the new wave of F&B establishments.

I love the outdoor seating. It's a great spot to sit down and enjoy a cuppa while people-watching. If you're lucky, you'll see the badass Johor uncle cycling on his pimped out bicycle with oversized wheels. #baller to the max.

I swear if I had a huge house, my kitchen would be all white with wood furniture, too. Such a classy interior - very spacious and bright. No wonder it's packed on the weekends for brunch. Thankfully, Tim and I are morning people who love waking up early to enjoy a quiet breakfast together before the crowds stream in.

One drink I would recommend if you're coming here, apart from their signature imported coffee blends, is the rose latte (RM11). The subtle notes of the rose fuses so beautifully with the espresso and milk to form a well-rounded morning pick-me-up or midday treat.

If you're a total coffee enthusiast, then The Replacement can satiate your atas tastebuds too. For Tim, the head of marketing for foodievstheworld, who enjoys his coffee sans milk or sugar, the beans are incredibly important. He tried the Burundi Kayanza Mpanga and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. And it came in a cute pitcher, making for a nice photo.

What really stood out in our entire breakfast experience though, was the food itself. Apart from a relaxing ambience and the top quality coffees, we also had a stellar meal that we won't forget for a long time.

I went with the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon (RM25.90). The smoked salmon was perfect and I loved how the hollandaise sauce was artfully drizzled in staggered concentric circles underneath the buttery toast and perfectly poached eggs.

The big breakfast (RM26.90), which isn't something I would typically order at brunch places because of its mediocrity, kept Tim happy and full. I tried a bite of the toast with a dollop of scrambled eggs and was surprised to note that it was better than average.

This is definitely one of those cafes I would not hesitate to return to when I am back in JB.

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen 33, 34, Jalan Dhoby, 80000, Johor Bahru Open daily from 9AM-9PM

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