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Cameron Highlands: Dian Yi Long

Somehow, food tastes better when you're enjoying it in the cool air of the highlands - and of course, with a loved one.

We woke up one Sunday morning in Cameron Highlands craving dimsum and did a quick Google search to find that there were only a couple of dimsum places available in the area.

Thankfully, one of them was open (as it was a public holiday and as morning people, we were up pretty early). We made our way to Dian Yi Long, which means order one basket (of Dimsum), if my translation skills haven't failed me.

But when you're having dimsum, one long is never enough. We were served a chee cheong fun dish even though we didn't order it. We were ravenous, so we accepted the dish with enthusiasm and dug in. There's nothing quite as satisfying as giving in to your cravings.

They serve pretty standard dimsum dishes here with one or two signature dishes I had never seen before. We had the classic fried yam balls - a favourite of mine.

And deep fried prawn dumplings... Portions here can be quite sizeable and if you're not careful, you may end up over-ordering.

We also tried the lotus pau. Let me tell you, eating dimsum in KL will never be the same after digging in to the steaming hot dimsum dishes in the cool morning breeze. Outdoor seating is recommended to fully enjoy the experience.

Har gow, or prawn dumpling wrapped in clear rice flour, is surprisingly fresh here. We were told to have seafood while we were there, which is odd, considering we were further away from the ocean than KL.

But since we had a limited number of meals there, we didn't get to have seafood. This was a good indicator that indeed, seafood is fresh in Cameron Highlands. Must be the climate.

The tofu here is also incredibly fresh and tasty. This place does some really good dimsum, if I do say so myself.

The siew Mai here, however, comes with a whiteish skin compared to the saturated yellow skin we're used to. I told my breakfast partner that it was due to the number of eggs used in making it. I was called out on my bullshit. But I believe it is true, correct me if I am wrong. It marked the beginning of a very fun banter on bullshit facts, though.

This last dish we tried is an absolute must-try. The menu is all in Mandarin characters but with pictures, so be sure to order this special pau if you're there. It is a hybrid of our favourite glutinous rice with chicken and a big pau. It's good for 2-3 to share.

The prices here at Dian Yi Long are reasonable and range from RM3-6 for the dishes.

Dian Yi Long (same row as 7-Eleven) 34 Main Road, Brinchang Open daily from 7AM-5PM

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