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Ah B Cafe, Sunny Heights

Ah B Cafe is one of Singapore's few pet-friendly cafes, where people can bring their fur babies. They serve both food for people and pets (but it is mostly for dogs!). I was invited to Ah B Cafe by the owners, Joel and Celine, to try out their new menu that just launched this month.

I even had a little reviewer with me, Louie, who helped me review the dog's menu. (Credit to Aloy and Elaine for lending me Louie!)

My happy fur buddy was so excited when he got to chow down on a bowl of pork, carrots and egg. The food prepared for animals are all cooked with no salt and oil, making it both safe and yummy for your fur babies!

Then came the time for us to eat. Joel first brought out a plate of creamy prawn pasta. It was a spaghetti dish served with prawns and herbs in a creamy wine sauce. The pasta was cooked al dente and the prawns were just right.

Next up, we had the smoked duck. This was my favourite dish of the night. Tender and succulent duck meat smoked to near perfection and served with mashed potatoes. This is definitely a must try!

Joel, who is the owner and head chef, came up with all these recipes herself. She loves experimenting with new food recipes and coming up with her own dishes.

We were served some pretty interesting fusion dishes, which not only caught my attention, but piqued my taste buds too! We tried an aglio olio cheese scallop pasta that was served with caviar, chilli padi, heaps of garlic. Each bite of the dish was a burst of flavour in my mouth. It was simply amazing.

Another fusion dish that was served was the white clam aglio olio pasta. I'm personally not a big fan of clams but I just had to try this one! Interestingly, the pasta was served with chilli padi, wolf berries, dang gui and tossed in a mixture of chilli and olive oil. It was definitely a unique dish, with the wolf berries giving a sweet hint with every bite.

Do make your way down to Ah B Cafe to try out their signature dishes (found also in their old menu), like the teriyaki chicken served with mashed potatoes and the drunken pork honey.

They also serve an exclusive brand of tea, Tea Fonte, that is usually found in spas and hotels. Ah B Cafe is a great place to spend time with your pets over good food and amazing coffee and teas.

For this month only! Ah B Cafe will be selling (pre-orders only) mooncakes both for you and your pets! I heard their durian mooncake with fresh durian meat inside has been selling like hotcakes.

Ah B Cafe Sunny Heights 110 Turf Club Road 288000 Singapore

Tel: +65 6811 1408

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays: 1:30 - 9:00PM Saturday: 12:00PM - 9:00PM Sunday: 12:00PM - 7:00PM *Closed on Mondays

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