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The Canteen, Da Men Mall USJ

The Canteen is an all-new, one-stop food destination for local foodies. Far from your typical food court, The Canteen is touted to be a slightly higher scaled but still down-to-Earth spot for food and drinks. Prices here are not just reasonable, they actually give hawker centres a run for their money, especially with the quality of the food and the chilled out ambiance you get here.

The Canteen is split into strategic sections to allow for different types of diners to feel at home here. The Youth section caters to the nearby students who like to come and enjoy some food and drinks while studying and doing assignments together.

Not too far off from it is the children's play area where they can enjoy carefree fun at the playground.

On the other side of The Canteen is a quiet area for the office crowd or corporate types who prefer a little more privacy.

Outdoor seating is another section here at The Canteen for those who wish to watch the new LRTs whiz past in its clockwork precision.

The concept of The Canteen is similar to that of Marche, the Swiss marketplace restaurant. Upon entering, you receive a "credit card" where you charge all your purchases on before making your final payment after your meal. To ensure you're still sticking within your budget, little screens are set up around The Canteen for you to check your outstanding balance.

Find local favourites like noodles and rice dishes to casual western dining stalls here. Prices are incredibly reasonable and comparable to any other casual dining establishment outside. Some dishes are even cheaper than what you'd find at hawker centres. Pizzas and pastas start from RM13 and RM8 respectively.

You can get sushi from RM3.90, udon from RM10.50 and rice bowls from RM8.90.

If you're looking for chicken rice balls, you don't need to drive all the way down south to Melaka because The Canteen prides themselves on only serving the most authentic dishes and the famous Melaka chicken rice balls is no exception to that. For only RM7.90 for a set, it is a steal!

You also don't need to head up north to Penang to enjoy the grilled stingray because you can enjoy it in the comfort of an air-conditioned setting and it tastes just as good! The stringray is priced at an affordable RM12.90.

No IKEA in USJ? No problem. The Canteen's got you covered with their meatballs.

Can't decide if you want cold pressed juices or local delights like sirap bandung? Have them both here.

The Canteen Level 4, da:mén USJ Persiaran Subang Permai, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Open daily from 10AM-10PM

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