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QUIVO, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

QUIVO welcomes you into an urban Mediterranean environment, buzzing with flavour and life. With a refined interior of elegant old-world inspired leather chairs, modern Greco Roman patterned tiles and the glittering stage of an open kitchen and bar, QUIVO is a fun al fresco restaurant and bar that offers a casual yet sophisticated ambiance befitting both work and leisure.

The all-encompassing menu offers a wide range of selections from nibbles for sharing to whole servings of pizzas on paddles. We tried several of their recommended dishes and just have to share our thoughts!

We started off with the spinach fondue which is just the right consistency of creamy, cheesy goodness and eaten with tortilla chips it was the perfect starter before we moved on to the highly recommended Margherita pizza. The dough and sauce are freshly made in-house, which is rare for a bar, but definitely a good thing. It’s perfect for sharing with friends due to the thin and crispy crust, but still easily foldable to turn them into bite-sized pieces.

The tomato basil bruschetta was lightly drizzled with olive oil, which brought out the slight tang of the fresh tomatoes and basil leaves, served with a cube of feta cheese on top. Fresh, cheesy, and tangy – right up my alley! The Mini Crab Cake Burger required us to use both hands, but it’s worth it when it burst with flavour the moment I bit into it. It wasn’t oily at all despite being fried and still was crisp even after the long hours of us chatting up acquaintances. My favourite on the platter was the mini beef picca, which was as tender and juicy as it looked. I wish I could have hogged the whole platter but alas, sharing is caring.

The mini falafel burger – made from chickpeas – was well seasoned, giving it an abundance of flavour that sat just right on my palate. I would consider turning vegetarian if it means I could have this more frequent. However, the majority of us agreed that the braised beef brisket risotto Bite was the true star of the night. Creamy, savoury mushroom risotto with a mouth-watering succulent piece of beef in one single spoon. Who could resist such a gem?

QUIVO’s partner, Sunrise Wines & Spirits offered us several types of wines for tasting such as Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc Semillion and my personal favourite, Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend. I have always preferred red wine and I'm a sucker for anything sweet. Merlot brings bright soft fruit flavours while Cabernet Sauvignon offers sterner structure and a lingering aftertaste. Together they create a fruity yet classy taste that suits many savoury dishes, in my opinion. Apart from the wines, QUIVO also has unique cocktails and mocktails such as the ro-sey lychee martini and the mangosteen mai tai, which were orchestrated by in-house mixologists to complement your meals.

Go on a voyage across the Mediterranean and release it in the heart of a bustling city at QUIVO. The gastronomic expedition here aims at serving quality food with only the freshest ingredients and delivering sensory-rich experiences through great service with a personal touch.

Due to the temporary closure of Connection Precint, QUIVO is accessible through the Kate Spade New York boutique, Level 3 of Pavilion KL.

Quivo Restaurant Level 3 Pavilion KL Lot 03.09.02 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Open Daily from 10AM - 2AM, closes at 12AM on Sundays

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