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6 Gym Junkie Must Haves at Juiceworks

After my gym time, I'm typically rather dehydrated and looking for a drink or two to replenish my lost nutrients. And no, I don't mean an alcoholic drink.

So, quite often, I turn to Juiceworks to get my post-gym session treat. Since I don't always have my protein shakes with me (like when I have spontaneous gym dates), this is an extremely convenient way to fill my tummy.

Here are 6 of my favourite Juiceworks drinks to have at Juiceworks after a good workout:

1. Digesta Aid

The name is pretty self-explanatory as it assists with digestion. But it is also a good post-workout drink because it contains banana, which can help boost your energy after working so hard at the gym.

2. Banana Blast Off

This is another banana filled, creamy drink that contains wheatbix and muesli, which is also great for those who gym and want to keep their diets clean. Soy milk is an option here too.

3. Lychee Cooler

This is one of my favourite drinks at Juice Works because it's very refreshing. It is the perfect drink to go for after an outdoor workout like Bootcamp, when you're feeling really hot and flushed.

4. Body Builder

The name for this drink in itself tells you why it would fit any gym junkie's diet. It's got strawberries, bananas, low fat milk and yogurt. Just add in a bit of your own protein powder and it is the perfect post-workout nourishment.

5. Slimmer's Paradise

This one is for the cardio bunnies who are terrified of extra calories. This low fat, low calorie drink contains celery, green apple, cucumber and guava. This fat killer combo comes in a nice green blend and tastes pretty good too!

6. Immuno Kick

This drink, which is made of orange, apple and carrots, is great to keep that immune system up after an intense fat-burning session. It is important to rehydrate and keep your body healthy if you're going to be working out a lot!

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