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Sacha & Sons, Mandarin Gallery

I think my growing belly is a testament to how much good food I've been having lately - especially in terms of sandwiches and meat dishes. Going around Singapore with different groups of friends has exposed me to a lot of new places to eat that I normally wouldn't know about otherwise.

This trip I've gotten to try quite a number of halal-friendly places, including kosher deli Sacha & Sons in Mandarin Gallery. Walking in, it was slightly reminiscent of Katz in New York (yes, this is the second reference I've made to this place within the month). I mean, great delis just have this vibe to it, you know?

But of course, being in Mandarin Gallery, this deli has a more upscale feel and a certain nostalgic charm. Despite being kosher, they do serve wine here, something I happen to be very thankful for. For $12 a glass, the Chardonnay is a nice pairing drink to have with some latkes (which is what I ordered).

The latkes I had were generously packed with pastrami and hollandaise sauce ($18). This is good for light eaters such as myself who tend to like small dishes that are rich and filling.

Big meat eaters have to go for sandwiches. The classic deli and grilled Reuben are in-house favourites. You can even pick the amount of meat you want in your sandwiches: 150gm, 240gm or 300gm. The prices vary for the different sizes and start from $20.

And if you love desserts and have an insatiable sweet tooth, the apple strudel ($10) is a must-have here. It is served with sour cream and its crumbly crust houses a warm apple filling.

Sacha & Sons

333A, Orchard Road, #03-02 Mandarin Gallery

Open weekdays 10AM-10PM, Fridays & Saturday's from 10AM-11PM

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