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A Mamak To Rival Malaysia's

Sitting pretty at the corner of Springleaf Road in Singapore is a mamak called Springleaf Prata Place. Patrons have flocked to this corner lot since a post on the prata burger went viral. So I decided to head down to my birth city for a good adventure and this was the first stop.

Here, creations whipped up by the ingenious cooks include dishes like eggs benedict prata, also known as the prata blaster (S$5).

While I didn't have the opportunity to try that particular concoction, I did however, manage to get into my belly the murtaburger and the umami 50.

The umami 50 is a perfect combination of prata, chicken luncheon meat (because halal lah!), chicken floss, cheese and Japanese mayonnaise. It really sings to the five tastes and earns its name with due respect. I'm guessing that it was named Umami 50 because it was invented in 2015, the year of Singapore's 50th birthday (SG50!).

So, the pillowy pockets of distinct flavour and ingredients are coated in a sheen of sugar to give it a 'crunchy and sweet' outside but a 'soft and melty' inside. The best part of this dish is that it is only S$8 and it spans across an entire silver platter.

The murtaburger (S$7) looks like your typical murtabak but it is stuffed with a burger patty (ours was mutton), cheese, egg and chilli sauce. The ingredients sound simple enough but somehow, when put together, weaves a magical tapestry on a dish.

Oodles and oodles of cheese form beautiful lines of gooey goodness when you pull the murtaburger apart. I can't help but to pause and gaze in wonder at this beautiful creation. This dish is sure to inspire people to throw around words like "moreish", "indulgent" and "fattening", to be realistic. Personally, I believe it lived up to its hype but I probably wouldn't spend hours queuing for it had there been a queue.

I also saw a prata goreng (S$4) on the menu and thought it would be Mee goreng or indomee goreng mixed into the batter of the prata or at least wrapped up inside the prata. But it was in fact, prata cut up into small squares and fried ala mee goreng. It made for a gorgeous shot but didn't do much for the palate.

So, Malaysians, what do you think? Do you fancy these gourmet mamak dishes? Or are you stuck in

your traditionalist ways and prefer our roti canai?

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