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Must-Visit Cafes When In Melaka

I took a short day-trip to Melaka just over lunch and tea time. By the time I had scarfed down my chicken rice balls, I was a little too full to go cafe-hopping, but I tried anyway.

I only stuck around the Jonker Walk area but managed to find two absolute gems. The first is Backlane Coffee. Tucked behind a few retail shops in a newly-renovated building on one end of Jonker Street was this little hipster cafe.

Backlane Coffee

Trust that all your photos will come out beautifully when the whole place is lit with natural lighting.

We ordered a really cute owl shaped coffee cube - a specialty at this cafe.

Douse with as much milk as you please and it's ready for consumption.

They make lovely macarons with local flavours like kaya and gula melaka that you will not find easily elsewhere.

The Daily Fix

It seems to be a trend for me to find cafes hidden behind retail shops... Since my next visit was also a walk past a retail shop selling souvenirs, local crafts and artifacts.

This had a more vintage feel to it with its 50s like decor.

We found a comfy nook to sit in. I had a lovely rose latte and the boyfriend chose to go with a Nutella milkshake - a good choice for a scorching day.

I was still full from lunch, but managed to squeeze in these mini pandan pancakes with gula melaka and vanilla ice cream. No. Regrets. (I never have regrets when it comes to food)

I can't wait to visit Melaka again soon for some foooood.

Backlane Coffee @ Jonker Street 129, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia +60 6-282 0542

The Daily Fix @ Jonker Street Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

+60 6-283 4858

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