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Softcore, Bandar Sunway

When someone says, 'molten lava cake' to me while I am on a diet, it is sadly the *magic words* and I lose my will to diet altogether.

Was brought to Softcore by my maternal cousins last weekend and I absolutely fell in love with their molten lava cakes.

It was after a pretty heavy dinner at Youmiqi, but we'd agreed that there's always space for dessert. So we drove all the way to Sunway for this.

According to one of the co-founders, Gerald, they hadn't had any formal launch but when we arrived it was bustling with a decent crowd.

They had run out the White chocolate and matcha molten lava cakes. But we managed to try their salted caramel, dark chocolate and peanut butter molten lava cakes.

Softcore serves great milkshakes too - pictured above are the honey walnut and peanut butter shakes.

We even got to try one of their snacks - the chicken popcorn with sriracha mayo. A must-try at Softcore. Even the chicken popcorn has a soft core - the chicken breast is cooked to tender perfection.

We ended the night with freshly brewed rose and chrysanthemum tea. 10/10 would make the drive down to Sunway for this again!


56, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway

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