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Review: Mitasu, Central Plaza

I very seldom make trips to downtown KL, in effort to avoid the jams and expensive parking. But once in a while, I have to go for assignments in the area. I was there some time last week when my interviewees decided to take me out for lunch at Mitasu, an affordable Japanese restaurant hidden in the basement of Central Plaza, a rather indistinct building amongst the towering skyscrapers.

Since I was down with the flu, I decided to have some soupy Kitsune udon (RM16) to warm my body up. Surprisingly, the soup over there at Mitasu had a strong enough taste that I could enjoy my udon despite muted tastebuds!

We were seated in an area hidden away from the crowd outside. But this meant that service was also a bit slower as they could not see us.

My makan companions had a couple of bento sets that were very reasonably price (North of RM20 but still within a good lunch budget considering its portions).


Though I don't go over to Pavilion area much, this is a place I've bookmarked for affordability.


B-01, Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail KL

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