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Review: Cititel Cafe, Midvalley Megamall

This is a promise I am making to myself and the followers on my blog now - it doesn't matter if the food was sponsored or not, I will give an honest review. But disclaimer: food is a very subjective matter and my tastebuds and opinions may not reflect that of the general public's.

I recently had my Chinese New Year dinner at Cititel Cafe and it was a buffet spread.

There were about 20 or so dishes - mostly Chinese, probably because it is CNY, and beef stew, lamb chops and deep fried breaded chicken. They also offered us teppanyaki beef and chicken as well as prawn mee in the outdoor section.

Though much of the buffet did not tickle my fancy, I must admit the dessert spread was quite extensive relative to the mains - but for hotel standards, they could do much better.

I write this now because I found little to no reviews about the place and thought everyone should at least get a heads up before making a trip there for a meal.

But if anyone should disagree, do drop me a comment.

Cititel Cafe Ground Floor Cititel Midvalley

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