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Travel: Singapore

I was born in Singapore and raised there for 9 years. I later returned to the island state for university. So, I never really considered it a holiday destination until I started working and visited Singapore as a working adult.

The streets are clean, the people walk at a brisk pace and Orchard Road is saturated with shopping malls.

But having watched the Marina Bay Area transform from barren land to the spectacular sky-scraper paradise it is now, I must say Singapore has come a long way as a tourist destination and it comes as no surprise that the Garden City was voted the top destination to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet.

From cafes to museums to people watching and sight-seeing, there is much to do in Singapore - but only if you have the money. It is the ultimate rich man's playground.

Pictured below: Gardens by the Bay at midnight, entrance FOC to public areas. A fee is imposed if you want to enter the Flower Domes.

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