New Menu at The Butcher's Kitchen, Suntec City Mall

We are back here again at The Butcher's kitchen celebrating their 15th Anniversary. This establishment is known for it's quality meats and they take pride in educating their customers on where the meats come from and how the meats are truly supposed to taste like. This time round The Butcher's Kitchen has decided to create a few dishes inspired by international cuisine made with premium quality, all-natural meats. Get ready for a feast around the globe! The first starter we t

The Butcher’s Kitchen, Suntec City

“You are what you eat. But do you know what you’re eating?” These are words to live by from the folks over at The Butcher’s Kitchen. With way too animals being bred and force fed hormones to speed up meat production, do you really know what you’re eating? The thing I love most about The Butcher’s Kitchen is that they pride themselves in serving you the best of the best meat cuts. So none of those antibiotic and/or hormone-filled meats here. The Butcher’s Kitchen is also a bra