Meme Tea&Coff, Plaza Arkadia

Located in Desa Parkcity, Meme Tea&Coff has a beautiful high-ceiling and a generally sophisticated vibe to its cafe. It's unique selling point is that it boasts an interesting range of creative drinks on its menu. I'm guessing that due to the complexity of the ingredients in the drinks, you might have to wait a while for them. I waited about 20 minutes for mine. (From right to left) I tried the Mango Yoghurt drink (RM18.90) which was mango puree with yoghurt and mango chunks.

Tea Tasting with Good & Proper Tea, London

So I was invited by the wonderful people of Good & Proper Tea to attend a tea tasting in their quaint tea bar in Leather Lane. First off, loving the interior! The owner of the tea bar, who was also hosting the event, mentioned that she opened this up as a way to introduce a new hot spot for tea lovers and wanted it to have similar cafe vibes as all the hip coffee places in London, and I think they did a good job. Moving on, a little bit of background about Good & Proper Tea.

Newby Tea's latest Zodiac Collection

Newby Teas, the world's most awarded luxury tea brand has just released their latest line of teas - The Zodiac collection. The Zodiac Collection is decorated with constellations of Swarovski crystals. The collection includes 12 unique tea flavours, all specially chosen to match your zodiac. Each Sign has its own unique tea. Aquarius Darjeeling Pisces Green Sencha Aries African Blend Taurus English Breakfast Gemini Indian Breakfast Cancer F

Teabiotics by We Are Cultured

With all the food reviews and media invites lined up every week, indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems is bound to follow. Not to mention weight gain and fatigue. So when foodievstheworld was approached by We Are Cultured, a Singapore-born company which promotes gut health, we were more than happy to try their new product - Teabiotic. Launched in 2016, the magic dust, as they call it, is a tea blend of organic wholefoods such as tumeric, ginger, and matcha. Apart fr

Top 5 lesser-known hipster cafes in Hong Kong

Hipster cafes are aplenty in Hong Kong, but the best ones are usually the lesser-known cafes tucked away in the most unexpected places. Elephant Grounds While tourists flock to the usual coffee chains for a cup of coffee, trendy locals and long-time expat residents park themselves at the mushrooming independent cafes that allow them to spend a quiet yet pleasant afternoon without breaking the bank. Here’s a peek into the top five best-kept hipster secrets: Cafe Hillywood 1. C