Recipe: Roast Chicken & Leftover Sandwich

I'm sure everyone is staying home and being safe during this Covid-19 period and if you are thinking of what to whip up in your kitchen during this period, here are some easy meal plans! Liz's Roast Chicken Serves 2 | Prep time: 20 mins Ingredients for Marinade: - 2 pieces of Chicken Maryland - 1 tablespoon of Honey - 1 tablespoon of Paprika - 1 tablespoon of Seedy Mustard - 1/2 a lemon, sliced thinly - 1 tablespoon of olive oil - 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes (for extra heat,

Foodievstheworld x Panasonic: Simple Chocolate Cupcakes

The thing with my old built in oven is that now that I’m moving houses, it’s a hassle for me to bring it over to the new place. Worse still, it’s been about 18 years since we got this oven and it is starting to show its age. There’s no point in repairing it nor moving such a bulky item into my new, smaller place. But when Panasonic introduced their new electric oven, which comes with all the settings of a built-in oven and all the convenience of a portable one. During the lau