Supply & Demand @ Orchard Gateway

With a name that is mostly used as a term in microeconomics, Supply & Demand (S&D) is hardly unforgettable for its ambiance and menu. Cooking up a storm by using global ingredients and inspiration, the results of fusion feast were undeniably delightful to say at least. Not only is the character of Supply & Demand, Orchardgateway’s interior snug and comfortable, busy weekend nights provide for live acoustic performances, the hustling crowd and bustling chatter enhances the liv

Best Christmas Food In Singapore 2018 To Check Out

‘Tis the season to be jolly! With Christmas just a few weeks away, we’re making a (nice) list of all the best Christmas food in Singapore and places you can head to for some festive cheer! Here are some of the places we think are worth the calories: Goodwood Park Hotel This year, check out the Soy-braised Turkey served with Toasted Almonds and Homemade Chilli Sauce for takeaway at The Deli in Goodwood Park Hotel. The turkey is slow cooked for about two hours to achieve its ju

Wood & Wheat, Tropicana Avenue

Wood & Wheat at Tropicana Avenue serves wood-fried oven pizzas that you’ll be drawn to just by hearing about the flavours. Now, before you slam fusion pizzas, you ought to give it a taste. Pizzas at Wood & Wheat are interesting because of the very Asianised flavours and ingredients. Though the theme itself might make you feel like you’re in a very Western diner-esque place. Casual dining at its best, the dishes are served in paper cups and wooden blocks. You can find comfort

3 cheap pizza spots in London

London is a super expensive city, we all know that. So in order to save some money while balancing your need to eat out, you're gonna need to find some eating spots that fill up that hungry belly at a cheaper price point. Don't worry, I got you covered! And what better way to satisfy your hunger than affordable and delicious pizzas! Here are 3 cheap spots I can recommend to you in the centre of London: 1) Pizza Union, Spitafields Next to the busy Liverpool Street, you can fi

Pizza Plus @ Bandar Seri Permaisuri

Most customers get excited when food items are made fresh from scratch especially when it comes to pizza's and pastas. We were greeted by Syamsul who is the currently the Head Chef of Pizza Plus assisting the co-owners Patrick Varin from Paris and Nyamdorj Bagaajav from Mongolia to run this neighbourhood business. It was a fairly quiet afternoon and we decided to settle for a table indoors. Inside, the setup is simple and minimal and gave off a very relaxing vibe. It was a ho

Pezzo Unveils the #MotherOfAllCheese

It’s every cheese lover’s dream come true! If you already loved Pezzo’s Cheesy Cheese pizza, get ready to be blown away with their newly launched addition Pump’d Up Cheese ($29.90 per pan, $5.90 per slice), which comes with a heavenly combination of five types of cheese – Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Italian Marscapone, Parmesan, Mozzarella and smoky Nacho cheese! My first bite was absolutely titillating to say the least. If cheese is not your ball game, try out their newly add

Radio Alice, London

I ventured out from Hoxton tube station and found Radio Alice to be a quick 10 min walk from the station. It had an interesting vintage vibe befitting of its atmosphere inside. I was really excited to try Radio Alice because their style of sourdough pizza was born in Bologna, Italy. Two brothers, Matteo and Salvatore Aloe started making pizzas in 2010 there and had decided to bring their creations to London. I loved the way the place was set up inside and outside. There was c

King of Pizza - Pezzo, Singapore

Pezzo Singapore is introducing a new flavour of pizza! The exciting and a little eccentric flavour is Singapore's own King of Fruits inspired and is called the Durian Charcoal Pizza! Pezzo, the largest homegrown pizza Chain in Singapore is here to wow us with their new creation which is worth queueing and going crazy over (if you are a durian fan)! This pizza is handmade, topped with 100% pure durian flesh of top grade Mao Shan Wang and D24, and some cheese on the top, then b

Zucchini Bros, Dunedin New Zealand

Italian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and we have found another goodie in Dunedin. Zucchini Bros, like all great Italian restaurants, specialise in pizza and pasta. Our meal today consisted of two pastas, two pizzas and two desserts. We started off the meal with the chicken, mushroom and crème on penne ($19). The dish was smooth, rich and creamy, packed full of flavour. Mouthwatering! If you are into creamy pastas, this is your go-to! But if you prefer your pasta

Pezzo & Crave Jemput Makan This Ramadan

It’s that time of the year again, where our Muslim family and friends are observing the holy month, and we're here to share more ideas from both Pezzo and Crave on what you can get for them for iftar. You know pizza is a sure winner when it comes to breaking fast in a big group. Try out their Satay Rendang Pizza (S$5.20/slice), which comes with a gooey mozzarella chees, at the same time you can taste a meaty sweetness from the rendang. If you're the kind of person who needs r

Greenwood Pizza Bar, Perth

The perfect marriage of toppings, pizza dough and buttery melting cheese in your mouth. If you're looking for some quality gourmet pizza in Perth with the above description, you have to try Greenwood's Pizza. Tucked away in the neighbourhood of Greenwood, this family-run take away/delivery shack offers 13 unique variety of pizzas and a selection of sides since its inception in 1986. We were greeted by a group of cheerful staff despite their packed outlet. My family and I brou

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander, Dunedin New Zealand

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander is a joint establishment located in the heart of the Dunedin city. Downstairs, Ratbags has the perfect bar environment, while upstairs, Innocent Bystander is set up as a casual dine-in restaurant. Their famously known meter and half-meter long pizzas is what brought us here today. We were seated upstairs, where their dining space is easily transformable to accommodate bigger groups of 10-20 individuals. If you fancy braving the Dunedin night, th

PizzaExpress, Scotts Square

PizzaExpress is known for their special Dough Balls, which we heard were all the rage. So we went down to check out what the fuss was all about. We started out with the Christmas Dough Balls ($6), which comes with black truffle dip (yaaaasss), cranberry chutney and garlic butter. The balls had a soft, yet crispy skin but the inside was nice and fluffy. The black truffle dip was very light on the palate, but of course, carried the distinct truffle fragrance. The cranberry chut

Urbano e Fresco, Publika

Walked past this restaurant many times but somehow never made it in. After a Valentine's spa date at Hammam, we found our way to Urbano e Fresco. We had watched The Trip to Italy (2014) the night before and it sparked off a craving for authentic Italian food. Pictured above is the spaghetti bolognese at Urbano e Fresco. Taste-wise, it was as authentic as it gets in Malaysia. But I was rather disappointed that the pasta wasn't freshly made. We also had a plate of penne carbona