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Bar Bites @ Neon Pigeon, Keong Saik Rd

I took a hiatus from doing food reviews for a few months, mostly due to an overloaded schedule and some travelling, so it felt quite serendipitous that the last place I reviewed before my break -- Neon Pigeon, is the one that I returned with. You can check out my previous review here. This time round, Neon Pigeon had a new bar bites menu that they were presenting to us. Their food has always been intriguing, a combination of different cuisines and styles to make for a more in

Neon Pigeon, Singapore

A little over a month ago when I was wondering around the Outram area looking for food, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this very busy, very chic-looking restaurant that didn't have a signboard with a name, but only a small neon pigeon. Curious about this very modern establishment we decided to head in. Needless to say, a few weeks later when I was given the opportunity to return to this restaurant to write a proper review on their new items just added to the menu, I jumped

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