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The Dark Gallery, Millenia Walk

The Dark Gallery is a new boutique café that offers more than just a place for great artisanal desserts, but also an art behind it. Many of its unique creations are accompanied with information on various cacao origins and flavour profiles that differentiate each interpretation. It’s named for their specific focus on dark chocolate and plays between balance of bitter and sweet. You'll be treated to signature creations made from scratch that boast a wide source of chocolates f

Pierre Ledent Chocolate, Mercato Cafe

How can anyone say no to good chocolate? The foodie team recently had an inside sneak peek into how the perfect iced and hot chocolate are made. My favourite part of this review was that I could savour them after the demonstration. The Mercato Cafe is located inside Pavilion KL. It took me a while to locate it, and found that the easiest way to get there was going up the escalator in the Mercato supermarket. Before we go on, here's a little introduction on the mastermind behi

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