Meet & Bun, Perth

Tucked comfortably in the underground Trinity Arcade mall hails a sweet menu that guarantee a happy meal! Meet the selection of charming burgers, cheesy french fries and flashy shakes that will get the town talking! What's even better is that the chefs claim to have no secret ingredients in their burgers but just about the best brioche buns, paired with the freshest local produce in WA! I have personally followed Meet and Bun on their Instagram page, way before they even open

Cake Baby, Perth

Everyone has a preference to either savory, rich or spicy dishes. And then there are those who (just like me!) have a sweet tooth the size of a ship. Even if you're firmly in the sweet-is-better-than-savory camp, it's likely that you have major preferences over what kind of sugary treat is best. Cake Baby, a home based dessert house covers a wide spectrum of all things heavenly, personalised for any occasion. When I was little, my favourite part of attending birthday parties