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Malgudi Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Malgudi Restaurant is a small gem hidden in the heart of PJ. It is known for its classic Indian Cuisine, influenced by the Northern and Southern Indian heritage. We were greeted by Aruna Sukumar who has taken over ownership of this cosy restaurant. Malgudi Restaurant has a split level dining. The top floor is designed to have tables for big groups of family and friends and a great space for private functions, while the lower floor is great for casual dining in smaller groups.

Tiki Taka Menu Revamp, Medan Damansara

Tiki Taka is still one of my favourite places to go to for pintxos and tapas. I always like trying a little bit of everything, so the small servings at Tiki Taka is ideal and perfect for sharing! Plus, their new menu makes me want to try EVERYTHING! I feel that this time around, Tika Taka's menu gravitates a bit more to the Asian flavours, which I personally love. I love Chef Carrie Scully's creativity when it comes to transforming a typical Malaysian dish into something more

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