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Mrs Pho, Vivocity

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews for Mrs Pho for its authentic Vietnamese fare, so I jumped at the chance to visit the new Mrs Pho outlet in Vivocity. Its third outlet in Singapore and first-ever in a shopping mall, the new Mrs Pho brings the same rustic “street market” decor along with a streamlined menu. There are some exclusive dishes at Vivocity from “Mrs Pho” herself, the mother of restaurant founder Hoang. Like this plate of Mamma’s Chicken Ham ($4.90) slices, which was

Fluffy soufflé pancakes @ Gram Café & Pancakes, VivoCity

Famed Gram Café & Pancakes from Osaka, which is known for being a soufflé pancake specialist with wobbly pancakes constantly trending on social media and super long queues in its outlets in Japan and Thailand. Now, join the bandwagon as Gram Café & Pancakes will be officially opening its door in Singapore at VivoCity on the 16th of June 2019. Gram Café & Pancakes is known for its signature Premium Pancakes (S$17.90), a trio of wobbly souffle pancakes, which has a delicious li

Paradise Teochew, VivoCity

I have always been a huge fan of Chinese cuisine, so when I heard that Paradise Teochew has opened a new outlet in VivoCity, I had to pay this outlet a visit. Greeted by an elegant traditional Chinese setting, this 240 seater outlet in VivoCity is offering 13 new innovative interpretations of traditional Teochew dishes exclusive to the Vivocity outlet. To kick off the feast for the night, we were first served the Teochew-Style Roasted Suckling Pig ($198), featuring a 25-day-o

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