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Zafferano @ Level 43, Ocean Financial Centre

Located on the 43rd floor of the Ocean Financial Center with a breathtaking view of Marina Bay Skyline, Zafferano is the highest rooftop Italian Restaurant and Bar in Singapore. This was taken just as the sun was setting, a beautiful view of the city from the terrace. The outdoor area is a great spot for friends to get together to chill and unwind from the busy week, while sipping on cocktails and taking in this breathtaking view. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the

Shiga Food Fest @ Lewin Terrace

Known for holding private, intimate events such as wedding receptions, birthdays and family gatherings. Lewin Terrace provides a level of exclusivity and privacy, while maintaining accessibility, just behind the Central Fire Station, and also within the vicinity of the Registry of Marriages. With Chefs Kenji Kiyomoto and Takeshi Kawanishi leading their team of culinary experts, their goal is to bring the food of the Shiga Prefecture into the Singapore market. One of the main

Yan Omakase Menu, National Gallery Singapore

Generally, the word omakase is used for the Japanese dining experience where the chef of the restaurant picks what you will be eating for the meal. But Yàn at National Gallery Singapore is not a Japanese restaurant. In fact, it is a traditional Cantonese restaurant in a modern setting, incorporating the omakase concept but still keeping essential Chinese ingredients and styles of cooking. Yàn is designed in a very Chinese manner but with modern elements in its decor. It is a

Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Ion Orchard

Just before I went to Singapore, I still had no plans of expanding FVSW into the island country because I felt that I would have no place there. But after being there for two weeks, I felt more at home than I did in Malaysia. If it is one thing Singapore does better than Malaysia (but let's face it, pretty much everything is better in the Garden City), it would be upscale dining. Service standards in Singapore far surpass that in Malaysia and the overall vine is very accommod

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