Lagavulin 200th Anniversary, Publika

Anyone who can say that they don't understand whiskey clearly has never tried Lagavulin. I used to be one of those people who didn't get it until I saw the light through Lagavulin's 200th anniversary event. Held at the Black Box, Publika, I was lucky enough to try the different ages of whiskeys in one sitting (and still make it out of there alive). We had the privilege of having Adam Brewer (above), a Diageo World Class winner, working with Diageo Singapore, as well as Fa

KL Better Beer Festival 2016

The Better Beer Festival is back again for its 5th installation in Publika. Taking over the White Box area as well as the Square, the Better Beer Festival featured some of the best local food, brought to us by Tiffin and of course, craft beers from all around the world. The event was well-organised with special talks and workshops being conducted throughout the day indoors - while you sip on cold brews. I only made it on the second day of the event and found myself among a gr

Better Beer Festival 2016 adds in a unique twist: food pairing!

The Better Beer Festival returns this year with over 100 unique craft beers. This time, made tastier with a twist - beer-inspired foods! MyBeer and Tiffin bring you the two-day festival on the 7th & 8th October 2016, so cross out those dates on your calendar! Happening in White Box & The Square in Publika, the fifth installment of the annual event boasts craft beers from all over the world – Australia, Japan, USA, England, Scotland, Denmark, Vietnam, Singapore, Belgium and Ne