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Faculty of Caffeine, Johor Bahru

JB's food scene never ceases to surprise me. It's been a while (10 years to be exact) since I've actually went down and explored this city and its foodie offerings. Imagine the excitement I experienced when we were invited to a whole foodie staycation here. We got to check out a coffee + breakfast specialty cafe right in the heart of JB's bustling heritage site. Faculty of Caffeine is established by a young chap named Edward, who is also the owner of the ever popular The Repl

Roost Juice Bar, Jalan Dhoby JB

Roost Juice Bar is one of those hippie dippie places with refurbished and recycled furniture to make you feel like you've been transported into a different lifetime when you sit down and dine in their establishment. The quirky upstairs gave me this sense that I was on a whimsical movie set. The entire vibe given out by this place made me really feel like I wasn't even in the present. The upstairs is split into an air-conditioned room and the balcony area, which you may sit at

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