New keto offerings @ Seriously Keto, Seah Street

We have previously been to Seriously Keto when it first opened last year. And now, we’re glad to say that they have expanded their offerings and here are some of the new stuff you can check out. But before I get into that, do note that these treats are not your typical bakes you get everywhere else. These are keto-compliant food that are made to be very low in carbohydrates. Hence, they are made without any gluten products (no rice or wheat flour) and without sugar (sugar sub

Balthazar Boulangerie, Covent Garden, London

Photo by Samad | Facade of Balthazar Boulangerie While wandering around the touristy parts of Covent Garden, I came across a spot called Balthazar. Curious, I Googled it and I luckily saw that it had good reviews. Without a second thought, we entered to check out what they hype was all about. Balthazar is apparently known for their brunches but, we weren’t keen on spending too much time in the restaurant so instead, we opted for the equally impressive looking boulangerie ne

PAUL, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

My boyfriend lived in France for a number of years, so he was absolutely thrilled to hear the news of his favourite patisserie coming to Kuala Lumpur. PAUL opened its doors last month in Pavilion, so we just had to visit to see if the pastries are as good as he remembers. PAUL is separated into two parts, the main outlet displays the baked goods and has limited seating. The main dining area right outside the outlet, it's hard to miss! We visited the outlet at around 11.45am o