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Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar, Bangkok

During our stay at Hotel Clover Asoke in Bangkok (full review here), we were invited to dine at their rooftop restaurant called the Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar. The city of Bangkok is synonymous with sky bars and rooftop dining establishments. And we were so blessed that the place that we were staying at had one. Located at the rooftop section of the hotel by the infinity pool, Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar treats diners to an amazing view of the Sukhumvit area overlooking the

Hotel Clover, Bangkok

Bangkok is a hotspot for Malaysian and Singaporean travellers and there's no surprise there. The city never sleeps and there's always something to do. Whether you love to party, shop or just relax at a spa, Bangkok gives you the best of all worlds. One of the most central locations to stay at in Bangkok is Asok (Sukhumvit). It is one of the most central stations, being right in the heart of the city and you have access to plenty of hotspots from here. Not to mention, it is wh

Eat Me, Bangkok

I've always believed that travelling without hunting down the best food places is a waste of a trip. A holistic, well-rounded trip is one with a decent amount of nature, a good sense of the culture through its vibrant city life (if it's a city), sprinkles of shopping here and there and of course, indulging in the best the local F&B scene has to offer. Now, this is not to say that when one travels, they should only focus on trying street food or local food. Sometimes, the best

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