New dishes @ Chengdu, Amoy Street

Calling all mala enthusiasts, Chengdu is back again with new curated dishes set to tantalise those taste buds! Although Chengdu was just launched last April, this is our third invitation (you may read our previous write-ups here and here by our lovely editor Sam!), and we are curious to see if Chengdu could deliver once again. Without further ado, we started off with the Chicken Feet with Preserved Vegetables ($13.80++). Don’t let its plain-looking exterior fool you, for this

Telok Ayer Arts Club, McCallum St

Telok Ayer Arts Club is a newly revamped multi-purpose venue that brings together the best things in life - food, art, people and drinks. Formerly “SPRMRKT”, the team behind The Supermarket Company has turned this F&B outlet into a creative bar that comes with an artistic touch. The Telok Ayer Arts Club greets its customers with a minimalist 70’s inspired bar decor coupled with bright lights - giving it a very excitable atmosphere. I was first served the “Tau Huey Chui” ($16)

Aloha Poké's New Haiwaiian Tiki Bar

Throwback three years ago, having a bowl of poké was not a common sight as it is now. Aloha Poké was one of the first Poké stops that introduced the concept of Poké bowls in Singapore. Now celebrating their third anniversary, they are offering diners a refreshed menu with five new premium toppings, three new standard toppings, three new cooked poké picks as well as cauliflower rice as a carb-free base option. Upon entering their quaint outlet on Amoy St, I was offered to pick

Ash & Char, MacCallum Street

Ever since I started working in the CBD, discovering a new hang out spot is one of the things that I look forward to the most. The WEROC Group has recently acquired and relaunched Ash & Char - the refreshed chic gastrobar nestled along the bustling MacCallum Street. I walked past Ash & Char on multiple occasions, their open bar concept is what attracted me to give this new kid on the block a try. With a name like Ash & Char, you'd immediately think of nice charred and tender

Club Meatballs @ China Square Central

With the gig economy on the rise in Singapore, startups and freelancers are constantly on the lookout for a chilled enough environment to meet, collaborate on ideas and work. Preferably with food around the corner too! This is what Clubco and Club Meatballs have created, a co-working space with all the amenities, starting with packages from $500 a month. The big difference in this membership fee, compared to other co-working spaces, is that you are able to use the equivalent

Autumn & winter themed dishes @ Chengdu, Amoy Street

Winter is coming! And Chengdu is coming up with some seasonal dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. This is our second trip back to Chengdu and during our first trip here, we were thoroughly impressed and this place has got to be one of the only Szechuan Chinese restaurants that I would set foot in (and come back again)! Before we get started on my thoughts on the new menu, I would like to mention that Szechuan food is typically pretty spicy. It could either be "

Chengdu, Amoy Street

Say hello to the latest Sichuan joint in town – Chengdu Restaurant! Located at the where several awesome food places are in the Telok Ayer area, Chengdu is introducing some of their quirky dishes that are sure to make you go “wow”! To start, we tried the Chilli Beef with Sweet Corn Base ($24.80). When it first came, I couldn’t image that corn was turned into something so crispy. The corn base was super crunchy and went well with the tender beef. The Pork Belly in Garlic ($12.

Kabuke, Telok Ayer

Sake lovers, rejoice as Kabuke has one of the largest array of sake I personally have ever seen in Singapore. Even for those of you who aren’t fans of sake, it’s probably because you have not sampled the right ones. It’s not all about alcohol here, kabuki serves up amazing modern Japanese food. So good that I even went back the very next day for more. Here are some that we sampled. Read on to find out my thoughts on each bottle of sake. Let’s take a look at some of the food h

Neon Pigeon, Singapore

A little over a month ago when I was wondering around the Outram area looking for food, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this very busy, very chic-looking restaurant that didn't have a signboard with a name, but only a small neon pigeon. Curious about this very modern establishment we decided to head in. Needless to say, a few weeks later when I was given the opportunity to return to this restaurant to write a proper review on their new items just added to the menu, I jumped

O-KU, Telok Ayer Street

On the second floor close to the end of Telok Ayer Street, lies O-KU, a Japanese tapas bar that's going to blow your mind away. O-KU is brought to you by the awesome people from The Flying Squirrel (TFS), which we reviewed a little earlier on. Compared to TFS, this place has a much more “atas” feel with a countertop sushi bar inviting you to watch your food being prepared right in front of you. If high stools aren’t your thing, there’s also an area by the back where you’d hav

The Flying Squirrel, Amoy Street

If you’re just walking along Amoy Street, The Flying Squirrel is not a restaurant you can easily find. Tucked in one of the alleys in between the row of shops, I finally managed to find the place. When I finally took my seat inside, something about the name of this restaurant was bugging me. Like I knew something it about it. When I finally did some checking (thank you, Google), I remembered. The Flying Squirrel is opened by local singing duo legends, Jack & Rai. Some of you

Burlamacco, Amoy Street

I’ve been to Italy once and I absolutely loved the food there. One of the best foods in Europe, in my opinion. But when I came back to Asia, I found that nothing could compare. I wasn’t sure if it was the ingredients used or the way the dishes were cooked that was slightly “Asianised”. But I was brought back to that summer I spent in Italy when I dined at Burlamacco over at Amoy Street, which is helmed by Chef Gabriele Piegaia from Tuscany, Italy. If you notice, Burlamacco sp

Birds of a Feather, Amoy Street

Telok Ayer area has become one of Singapore's latest trendy F&B spot with the coolest restaurant and trendiest bars. Plus, it's around where I work, so it only makes sense for me to be gallivanting around the area to scout for the next best spot to head after a long day at work. Just a few rows behind my office is Amoy Street, where Birds of a Feather is located. This chic restaurant caught my attention from afar and I just had to try it. Stepping inside, I was quite amazed b

Ladies and Lads Nights @ Ding Dong, Amoy Street

Ding Dong over at Amoy Street (where all the cool bars are at) will now be serving you some midweek magic with its new Ladies and Lads Nights – every Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Calling all ladies! Strut down to Ding Dong on Wednesdays to enjoy a one-for-one pink prosecco at $18++. Perfect for that after office hours gossip session! Don’t worry boys, you are not forgotten. Thursdays are dedicated just for you with one-for-one Suntory Beers at $30++ with every order o

Sarnies, Telok Ayer

We made a trip to Sarnies one rainy weekday for brunch after hearing friends rave about it for a while now. It was my first time at Telok Ayer, actually. This was before I found out about Park Bench Deli. It's nice to know that the CBD of Singapore is filled with such good food, since I am possibly moving to this beautiful country soon (yay!). The coffee ($4.60) at Sarnies is great, like I had discovered at Pasarbella, of course. I'm not a huge coffee drinker though, but I en