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Drop Exchange @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Based on first impressions, you wouldn't immediate peg Drop Exchange as a place you would go to for Indian and Persian food, but man do

Acai Lab, Solaris Mont Kiara

Acai bowls have been all the rage in Kuala Lumpur and Acai Lab has opened up its door at Solaris Mont Kiara, taking up the half shop lot with Brasil Fitness. The acai berry, which originates from Brazil, is base ingredient for the acai bowls that everyone is going crazy about. Acai berry bowls here at Acai Lab range from RM15.90 to RM21.90 depending on the size of the bowl. Each bowl is a quick to-go kind of meal - the size you pick just depends on how much you wish to eat. A

Little Collins goes online!

Recently, the foodievstheworld team had a little tea party in Kuala Lumpur because we got a beautiful array of treats from our foodie partner - Little Collins KL, located in Mont Kiara. We got three gorgeous cakes, plenty of their signature tarts and even customised fondant cupcakes and a Magnum cheesecake! We were given a gorgeous customised Nutella Bella cake with our very own foodievstheworld cake topper! This is such a perfect way to surprise someone. But if you're planni

Review: Uncle Jang, Solaris Mont Kiara

First time trying out this place with the family. It is definitely a place you want to patronise in a big group to enjoy more of their food. Depending on how many people are eating, you can order small to large portions of the Dak Galbi which consist of mostly cabbage, chicken, Korean rice cakes, sweet potato and homemade Dak Galbi sauce. You also order add-ons, or sari, like ramen or mushroom or cheese to go with the Dak Galbi. The guys will come over and cook the Dak Galbi

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